I have an open issue as.

Sawyer: Yea, i always check the docs, i guess i should start checking the issues too

Dochterman: Running chrome with disabled security is a stupid idea.

Sawyer: Thank you for the sauce as well!

Rayside: MinusFour, chrome is my main browser i have too many stuff open i don’t want to risk it :

Sirois: Yes this is most time a good help

Izak: Many users ask things they dont explain so good

Lazenby: Why is the third-party api not allowing cross-origin though?

Naftzger: MinusFour, its yahoo finance . idk D:

Herwehe: You could use JSONP to get around that, if the api supports that

Huyett: I don’t want to do the calls via my PHP backend. less load etc.

Nasalroad: Use a nodejs backend :-

Keeneth: MinusFour, am using vuejs module “vue-resource” gonna see the jsonp methods and see

Rogel: Nasalroad, using laravel 😛

Ocejo: Minusfour client side api calls for finance stuff is not so good

Matejka: But i dont know what you want

Holsing: When they give 1 dollar i make 10000 dollars 😀

Weigleb: Cannap, its me not MinusFour 😛 i just need the data

Angiano: Maybe it’s an API that doesn’t encourage client-side petitions.

Leuasseur: Hola, is there a way to get twits from twitter without their widget?

Cante: Jacob___ thy got an api you can use

Ke: Mmm, not seeing it, i see a lot about embedding their widgets in a page but no headless api

Wishum: Jacob___, https://dev.twitter.com/

Biglin: Jacob___, https://dev.twitter.com/overview/api/tweets

Gendusa: Is there a way to set the autocomplete tag of the form so it’s enabled on mobile but disabled on desktop?

Nasalroad: If isMobile { form.autocomplete = ‘on’; }

Wakley: Gendusa: javascript – Detecting a mobile browser – Stack Overflow http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11381673/detecting-a-mobile-browser

Rather: Im making a node JS discussion bot, is there a way to have commands be seperate files? maybe webpacked? would prefer require or something, atm its a huge if else block

Haroldsen: People have suggested using an object dictionary-thing but it wasn’t. versatilebad word choice?

Dukas: Giraffe_: Just use an object and require. If you use the latest version of Node 4.0, you could probably use a Map instead of an object for your dictionary

Schlossberg: Rcyr: like ‘commands { ‘join’: require’./join’}? pseudocode

Swirczek: You’d have to bind the command function to a command string

Harmison: Giraffe_: Should work as long as the require exports a function

Graner: Giraffe_: But again, consider using Map if you can.

Winham: What do you mean by map rcyr? Array.prototype.map?

Albarazi: Giraffe_. Of course not. https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Map

Deluney: Didnt think so; didnt see that anywhere

Chuc: It’s fairly new, part of ES6

Kment: I love open source. Open source all the things

Hodel: I’m using this https://github.com/kartik-v/bootstrap-fileinput

Leve: Kment: we need to strike down capitalism first :

Monfore: When I click the Browse button in that form and select multiple files, they all upload fine

Smolinsky: When I drag and drop, they upload fine

Kment: Dekok: just bad software really :

Betterley: But when I click browse, select one file. Then click browse again, and select another file. Leaving two files to be uploaded. It uploads them, but gets the file name wrong

Markin: Is anyone good enough at javascript to be able to find the issue in that source?

Cologie: I have an open issue as well: https://github.com/kartik-v/bootstrap-fileinput/issues/442