I have a conceptual.

Vost: You guys are also ****ing on apple?

Hayton: Seems to be apple ****ing hour

Straight: Pexsa: i wasn’t saying being old in tech was an insult. but being young in not-exec-level tech certainly isn’t, by any metric.

Straight: Not sure “CEO” is relevant there

Pexsa: I don’t have a disagreement. I was just ripping on Apple.

Straight: Why, is it the mid 90s?

Pexsa: No, they actually had a reason to exist back then.

Pexsa: Those are the pre Apple is x86 days.

Straight: I’m sure the largest market cap in the world has no reason to exist

Lavzon: Gershkovich: a lot of peopl ein this channel recommended the for loop aswell

Gershkovich: Xatenev: name them so i can call them out

Isita: Gershkovich: it seems to be somewhat popular to use the for loop instead of foreach

Gershkovich: Xatenev: they’re wrong

Buyes: Even when i was new in this channel

Cantave: People recommended it to me :p

Straight: Xatenev: in all seriousness, you never need to use loops of any kind.

Trucchi: I just like the idea of major tech CEOs being chosen from birth based on divination

Jeffress: Straight: hahahahaaaaa

Gershkovich: I honestly can’t remember the last time i wrote a loop

Pexsa: I like to eval gotos in a for loop. You can hear the souls of good programmers screaming from around the world.

Gershkovich: So, what Straight said

Straight: Dash: i know, it’s hilarious that someone would think it’s ok to use a loop

Linzie: Trucchi: How about bloodtypes?

Jeffress: Kimpel is the best part of my morning

Linzie: Dash: It’s the only part of your morning!

Olesnevich: Straight: so how do you solve things which repeat

Straight: Xatenev: give me an example and i’ll tell you

Linzie: Xatenev: outsource it, duh

Jeffress: Xatenev: you don’t need that, just have one

Straight: Xatenev: note that forEach/map/etc aren’t looping.

Gershkovich: Straight: with iterators or with recursion, depending on what i need

Jeffress: Straight: yes they are

Straight: Dash: no, they aren’t.

Ison: Id call a foreach a loop

Straight: Dash: any more than your car is an explosion.

Trucchi: Buu: works for me! that’d definitely weight the odds in certain people’s favor though

Gershkovich: Oooh, that’s a good one ljharb

Straight: Dash: your car might be implemented with explosions. but it’s NOT one.

Linzie: This conversation is already stupid

Gershkovich: Buu: please topic Straight’s explosion line

Norsen: How come you call foreach not a loop?

Straight: I agree, but some people keep thinking loops are OK

Linzie: Trucchi: It was a reference to japan’s bloodtype obsession

Jeffress: Alright well i’ll be under my desk explaining this to a bottle of rye

Gershkovich: Xatenev: because it’s not, it’s an iterator

Straight: Xatenev: it’s an abstraction. it’s not telling the computer *how* to iterate – just what iteration you want done.

Trucchi: Buu: Oh! Right. it’s sortakinda ****ogous to the zodiac, right?

Straight: Buu: ooh, what bloodtype obsession?

Steltenpohl: Foreach and .map seems to be exactly the same as a loop in practice

Linzie: Trucchi: Yeah. personality traits

Linzie: Straight: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_types_in_Japanese_culture

Trucchi: Yeah, I remember reading something about that at one point

Demange: I have a conceptual question about how to handle the HTML5 API form validation