I got this awesome thing.

Guzzetta: Buu: the thread is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/3k0sxc/20_btc_reward_for_bitaddressorg_issue/ they promise 20 btc reward but i wouldn’t count on it

Ortelli: Joakimk: They just use the same names.

Ortelli: Clqire: I’d give it like a 0.001% chance

Ortelli: This isn’t really js related

Milligan: Buu: so, using jQuery UI, you simply say $’.sortable.sortable, and that’s essentially all it takes to make the ul draggable?

Ordones: Buu: so even in the simple code that i ran, we cannot recover the first value of “gg”?

Ortelli: Joakimk: https://jqueryui.com/sortable/#connect-lists

Ortelli: Clqire: If you could freeze the entire memory process of the browser or maybe the tab and then comb through it for all sequences of bytes that potentially match your generated value

Burback: Buu: hmm ok thanks, I’ll see what I can do

Penaz: Hello. I have the following function that I expect to work but isn’t.

Stammer: Ws.onclose = functione { location.reload; }

Amrein: I expect the page to reload when the websocket closes.

Ortelli: Clqire: It’s theoretically possible, in your example, the original value of gg is stored in memory that has been freed but not overwritten/reused yet

Schepker: Buu: thanks for you help! I’ll rewrite using jQuery UI, based on your JSFiddle. Very interesting technology about to do the Codecademy jQuery module, to get the basics

Hambright: Buu: why wouln’t be reused, as i’ve overwritten it?

Ortelli: Clqire: but there’s not exactly tools to access that, and the odds are against it anyways

Garret: Well it says reload isn’t defined but

Knightstep: I just saw it here and it seems to work. http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/tryit.asp?filename=tryjsref_loc_reload

Ortelli: Clqire: Because the JS compiler/interpreter does a lot of magic behind the scenes?

Ortelli: But I mean, the odds are real good it did

Holifield: Buu: isn’t there just two bytes allocated to “gg”, which are overwritten on ***ignment?

Ortelli: Clqire: Depends on the js engine

Ortelli: I mean, my point is that js isn’t C, you aren’t literally telling the OS to do something with specific bytes of memory

Ortelli: There’s an intermediate layer that could do anything

Farese: Buu: ok i see, anyway since the value of interest was printed on screen, maybe it’s still in the memory somewhere else

Ortelli: Now the odds are highly against it

Buzzi: You know, we had a TV show about buu here when I was a kid

Buzzi: Buu-klubben, or “Buu club”

Ortelli: I hope it doesn’t involve clubbing buus

Stearn: It sounds like a ghost

Somero: Buu is like bruh, bro, cuz, etc

Buzzi: Tbh I never watched it because it was some swedish kids show and I’m not finland-swedish so I don’t speak the language so well, especially didn’t when I was a kid 😀

Moreida: Hey could someone tell me why the reload in this page fails? I get the error “Uncaught ReferenceError: reload is not defined”

Riedesel: Http://lpaste.net/3781152421279956992

Buzzi: Zipper: that’s weird. this is on a normal web page right?

Buzzi: Location.reload should definitely exist 😛

Wenstrand: Well how normal is normal? idk

Twombley: Zomg: Here https://gist.github.com/urbanslug/b74ae911d548fc3f9ec7

Burklow: My code is in the final script tag. The other is from someone else.

Schoenthal: You can’t do that at 62

Boykin: Zipper, you wrote reload instead of location.reload

Buzzi: Zipper: yeah the code in your gist is different, it needs to be location.reload ,not reload

Klis: I got this awesome thing here: script type=”text/javascript” setTimeoutfunction { win.close; }, 6000; /script