I found it impressive how.

Fluellen: Anyway, it is TS for me now

Rotter: If I have a http site on domain A, and I make a script src https://domainb, can that script make non-CORS xhr calls to domain A? Also domain B?

Giaquinta: What would be the ‘origin’ for that script?

Follansbee: Codehotter, only the page origin matters

Conville: Scripts don’t have an origin

Matteo: Codehotter: if you did do***ent.body.onclick = “request.;”, would it end up making the request from domain A or domain B?

Paulhus: Domaina requests on domainb

Cregin: Codehotter: what about if request were a function defined by the main page?

Paulhus: Ahh. you have the main page on A. page A wants script from B . while the script on requests A again. right?!

Paulhus: Forever trust in who we are. and only page origin matters

Waage: Will n in single quotes still result in a newline character?

Curz: No difference between single/double quotes

Grussing: Which is weird, but I like it 😀

Songer: Is it possible to use JS to run a PHP script on demand without reloading the page?

Hoglan: Does this work when attempting to search a local dir, Paulhus? I can’t find any info relating to it on this material.

Paulhus: You can access filesystem on the server. so you could use php to execute the search and provide the result via httpRequest

Milak: Yeah, I just wasnt sure if I could use JS to reload the data PHP collects.

Paulhus: Then you came to the right place.

Paulhus: If you use the jquery lib it’s even a little bit easier. then it would be sth like: $.getphpScriptUrl, functionresult { do something with the result here };

Rippy: I think I’ll skip the use of jquery for the moment, im still getting into PHP and JS

Longacre: I think I know what I need to do then, cheers

Piske: Or even easier just do that

Piske: No need for jquery, no

Paulhus: I was trying something similar recently and realized php really ****s when it comes to an everyday-usecase like scanning directory files.

Trasher: Paulhus: Did you use some other server side lang then?

Buchs: Since he’s in #javascript, node.js :

Mccory: Although I’ve never had a problem with scanning directory files in php.

Hamberger: Perhaps trouble recursing down the structure? which is possible anyway, jut a bit tricker.

Mckerlie: Node.js has access to server filesystem?

Chisari: Prohobo: You are joking right?

Gentleman: Prohobo: of course it does, why else would you use it?

Timmerberg: I thought node.js itself was client-side

Paulhus: Chamnanphony: asp.net mvc4

Brieno: Prohobo: nodejs is a server side language

Gentleman: Prohobo: node is exclusively serverside.

Leshure: Node.js is a language now?

Gentleman: A serverside platform.

Gentleman: Go read nodejs.org, this isn’t that complicated

Caneza: I guess it works like ruby on rails

Thach: Ruby on rails is a framework for writing web applications. That’s not really what Node is

Thach: Node is closer to the standard distribution of Ruby, or Python, or .NET

Thach: Basically: something you can write any kind of JS applications on top of

Vanuden: But im talking about node.js

Gentleman: That’s the same thing

Forinash: Why the **** did they append .js

Euton: Nvm is node version manager.

Deitrick: GreenDog: Turn red now, please.

Czaplicki: GreenDog: “nvm – Node Version Manager – Simple bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions.”

Paulhus: I found it impressive how quick u can build a simple httpServer in node. but then it got complicated very fast. if you want a serious server there’s a lot of things you need to setup. so i’m still good with nuget and asp.net and the vs. nuget is like npm,maybe a little better when it comes to automatic intergration of services into your project