I.e. I’d like to be able to.

Niemitzio: That might help, but I think you’d still need to construct the object.

Kilton: Beaky: ‘out’ yes, but it’s not everywhere. node4 is mostly es6 compliant, for instance. or you can babel-ify your code and get it everywhere :

Paschel: Atm im using syntax thankst o babel

Durate: It’ll take browsers a lot longer, i bet

Dredge: But stuff like Object.***ign im worried still needs shims

Offen: I’m not sure what to take here, I’m writing a pong game in Javascript in a browser and I can’t decide if I should use setInterval or setTimeout. What are the minimum sleep for them in browsers?

Warrick: Ah. browser compat list: https://kangax.github.io/compat-table/es6/

Vanwright: Beaky: yah. w/ babel i had to use the babel-plugin-object-***ign plugin :

Halpainy: Yes microsoft edge is the worlds most advanced es6 compliant browser

Horikoshi: Yes shims arent so bad

Speyer: Is ms edge that good ?

Loan: In the end its ultiiamately standards

Galea: So one day in the distant future 5 years when browsers finally get around to implementing Object.***ign u get to remove the shim

Luensmann: Yah. wow. the subcl***ing stuff is all red. lol

Furne: Too bad ppl still use ie8

Kays: Beaky: years after i leave though ;

Bettenhausen: How many ppl use ie8? iirc, it’s like 2% . unless you’re doing intranet webapps iguess :

Shelvin: In a ghetto/retro company :

Lanzilotta: Hi all, i’m following this tutorial online. http://cdn.cs164.net/2014/spring/talks/javascript-1/src/example2.js – Question is regarding prototypes.

Holford: Http://pastebin.com/MmZz42vT

Crown: Why create a temp object, ***ign the Course prototype to temp.prototype, and then create a new temp object and ***ign it to CS.prototype. Why not ***ign Course.prototype directly to CS.prototype or create a new Course object and ***ign it to CS.prototype?

Goyette: Coderzm, CS.prototype = Object.createCourse.prototype

Goyette: Coderzm, I recommend reading !oop

Mate: Coderzm: http://robotlolita.me/2011/10/09/understanding-javascript-oop.html summarizes Object Oriented Programming in Javascript, using concepts from ECMAScript 5, and relating them back to older paradigms from ECMAScript 3

Mcpherren: Goyette, thanks. In other words, the way that its done in my example is suboptimal? Instead, I should be using Object.createCourse.prototype

Teodoro: Thanks. Strange, I would think harvard’s resources are good

Goyette: Coderzm, what is the date on those resources? There is a lot of old JS online unfortunately

Hanible: March last year. its harvard’s cs164 http://cs164.tv/2014/spring/#about,talks

Goyette: Coderzm, at the bottom they have th Object.create example

Goyette: Coderzm, the mess is basically Douglas Crockford’s old polyfill http://javascript.crockford.com/prototypal.html

Schleiff: Goyette, yeah i saw that, which is the normal convention. but i was pretty confused by the temp object, etc

Goyette: If you need to support old browsers, include a polyfill

Larve: Goyette: You allways make me hungry :

Versteeg: Hey, what is a good JS library for handling very large e.g. 22000 integers?

Birchall: Hey, what is a good JS library for handling very large e.g. 22000 integers?

Maslowsky: Interest1ng, just search for ‘bigint’

Bansbach: A little confused by all these closures. I’m wondering if someone could let me know, or at least point me in the right direction, on how something like https://github.com/mpetroff/pannellum/blob/master/src/js/pannellum.js could be modified so that I have access to all the functions etc inside Chrome Developer Tools so I can figure out how to do certain things like rotate etc.

Likos: I.e. I’d like to be able to change the yaw on the fly inside dev tools, and run the animate method so that I can see my changes.