I combined min-width and.

Schoborg: Http://bost.ocks.org/mike/shuffle/

Fedorka: While you shuffle one, you can apply the same shuffle action to another array as well

Menden: And chances are if you want to do something with two arrays in sync, you want to have them combined in one object per element in the first place =

Gordinier: I’m not sure why you’d want two arrays shuffled equally though

Varenhorst: Aren’t they clones at that point? and if not, why do they need to be shuffled equally?

Dobek: No reason to create a new object

Kitt: You can shuffle any number of arrays with a shuffle function, you just have 1 lead that decides how much there’s left to shuffle

Skagen: Gillice: I think that they have two arrays where the index conveys some more information

Petterson: Gillice: like array of X coords and array of Y coords

Catt: Deniska: that answers my previous question though :p why

Sievertsen: But that doesn’t matter to the shuffling

Knowles: They should stay in sync

Gessel: And my advice was to make an array of {X, Y} elements instead

Fling: Well I ***umed they already thought about that

Leffelman: Monomon: or can i include the script as another js file

Sandona: Because chances are that what you wanted in the first place

Trinca: There might indeed be a better solution to the bigger problem

Petrullo: Gillice: Speaking of X and Y, it might be the case of XYProblem =

Bitner: But yeah, if you can, compose a single array and shuffle that

Grosland: But it’s not too difficult to shuffle two independent arrays equally

Giannone: Using node, if i wanna have functions defined in a separate file and get called in another js file how can i do that?

Burki: As long as they’re the same size

Nazelrod: I’m using raphaeljs and trying to get alignment-baseline to work, anyone had problems with that? It won’t even set it in the svg tag

Hung: Django__: read about require and node modules

Easly: But if you indeed have 1, 2, 3 and ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ and they’re related like 1a, 2b and 3c, then {1: a}, {2: b}, {3: c} sounds more reasonable and is more straight forward to shuffle

Werring: Django__: what might help you is knowing that projects often have a single file that doesn’t really do anything but require all modules with the right dependencies

Cassiday: I for example have a mail watcher that puts attachments in a folder

Tijing: I have all that in mail.js somewhere, a module that’s exported

Rumple: Than my central file app.js in my case requires MailListener, a library for incoming e-mail, and it requires mail.js with MailListener as a dependency

Corsino: I run app.js and it fires up every other part of the application

Godbout: Can someone help me getting this little script working? https://jsfiddle.net/huq4nrmf/ :

Barcenas: 30line script, nothing difficut.

Legrone: You can’t just append 2 empty lines and call it a 30 line script

Kintsel: Jordy: could you give me a quick rundown of what it’s supposed to do?

Elvis: Jordy: css is separated by dashes, so minSize is wrong, but min-size is right

Riess: Jordy: I also think you might want to look into Array.forEach

Elvis: That said it works differently when you access it from element.style in js.

Rosane: Tcsc: that’s purely etiquette though, no?

Elvis: It doesn’t work if you do minWidth: 12px

Elvis: It has to be min-width: 12px

Shoman: I thought you meant naming cl***es and such

Leipheimer: Like .min-size {} or .minSize {}

Funderburg: I didn’t recognize min-size as a CSS property, never used it

Elvis: Right, that would be convention

Elvis: I combined min-width and font-size