I added an alert”Drop” to.

Volkmann: Checking if a button has a certain cl***, etc.

Godzik: Squeakytoy: you should test behaviour

Moynihan: How do you test behavior with DOM?

Helzer: Or how are they ***ociated?

Godzik: Squeakytoy: plenty of libs you can use

Leos: Can you give a pseudo test case that checks “DOM behavior”?

Ziegel: If user clicks on this button, x happens?

Godzik: Squeakytoy: what is a pseudo test case?

Addie: But cant you in that case just test the click function to achieve the same thing?

Keylon: Why do you need to drag in the DOM for that?

Godzik: Squeakytoy: we just automate it

Godzik: But you can test on many different levels

Gummersall: Im not really sure I understand the value of having DOM support in test tools

Godzik: Squeakytoy: pretty simple, if I add some code I want to know if something in the DOM still works without me having to manually click

Godzik: When I save my file, tests run

Colbeck: Why not just test the functions, DOM uses?

Godzik: Squeakytoy: so I know I didn’t break something somewhere

Minnis: Why cant you just test the event functions?

Haggerty: For example, pseudo jquery code, $”button”.click onButtonClick ; — why can’t you just test onButtonClick, why do you need the “button” element in the test cases?

Chilinskas: So i dont really understand, what value having DOM support in tests gives

Godzik: Squeakytoy: I write tests in ruby, capybara runs the tests in a headless browser window

Banick: Does not answer the question :S

Godzik: Squeakytoy: just testing events wouldn’t get me anywhere, I want to test the whole not just its parts

Tennill: Oh, ok. so its integration tests?

Varakuta: But isnt that really fragile?

Thiboutot: Tried to clean up the fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/jokke/uxp12bjv/ Is there any obvious reason why I can’t “trigger” invoke the $’#trash’.droppable function?

Gari: I was trying to follow the example drag-drop-delete of http://jsfiddle.net/KWdcU/495/, but I notice now that that Fiddle relies on “jQuery UI” — doesn’t work without it. Still: in my case, I’m using html5sortable http://farhadi.ir/projects/html5sortable. It’s possible to “extend” something like this with a drop-to-delete functionality?

Pieri: Since I’m new to jQuery, I guess I’m messing things up. Removing my failed attempts, can someone help me towards adding a “delete” functionality to http://jsfiddle.net/jokke/uxp12bjv/

Ortelli: Joakimk: Is the box a droppable target?

Biber: Buu: I guess not : So, step 1 is to make div id=”trash” droppable

Groberg: When chaining promises, you can use catch after each callback you want to do error handling on and continue the chain of .then’s? It’s not that you always place .catch at the very end of the chain as that would only catch an error for the previous callback, right?

Sheckler: Buu: but that’s what I tried before. Trying to make trash droppable results in a JS-error: “Uncaught TypeError: $..droppable is not a function”

Hollyday: I updated the fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/jokke/uxp12bjv/

Ortelli: Joakimk: Where is the alert coming from?

Virgile: I’m just looking in the Javascript Console, in Chrome. But maybe that’s not what you’re asking?

Ortelli: Joakimk: When you drop one of the li items there’s an alert that popups up and says ‘Drop’

Lefebure: Buu: ah. That’s in the “html5sortable” plugin http://farhadi.ir/projects/html5sortable/, which is added to the Fiddle as an external resource. You can find the source code here: http://gknudsen.no/test/jquery.sortable.js

Ortelli: Oh you’re using a different version of the code

Ortelli: It’s hidden there in the jsfiddle ui? jesus christ

Minassian: I added an alert”Drop” to the drop-part of the plugin, just to see what part of the plugin code actually handled that. My first idea was to add a check in the plugin code, where the drop is being handled, to check something like “if dropped inside div-trash, then remove li”