How would you access a.

Luffy: Tcsc: I should see a json display in the DOM but do not

Herrandez: Industrial:

Mccullan: Exline: but what is the JS API to get the checked true/false out of the element, given I have a reference to the Element ?

Hoot: Also don’t link to w3schools, gosh darn.

Mcneece: Because it’s a sweet pile of garbage.

Kimple: Exline:

Kimple: You need to do the stuff inside the promise

Woodand: Tcsc: W3Schools is not related to the W3C and has many problems:

Kimple: That said i think its fixed a lot of the problems on that page and is probably ok for some beginner stuff

Kaska: Tcsc: i knew that much.So there isn’t a way to cache the response

Kimple: I still hate that it has the top result on google for like everything

Wendorff: Tcsc: Yeah, i’d seriously like to see MDN at the top

Kimple: Exline: what do you mean

Kimple: Luckily there are no w3schools articles on webgl yet

Kimple: Not that mdn is super great there either though

Buddie: Tcsc: by calling jsondata, I will get the json object outside the .done promise

Kimple: No, theres no way to get the data synchronously

Kimple: With es7 there are options that make the async more convenient

Kimple: Really this is just the way it works.

Shortt: Ok thanks, expecting it to work like a generator

Guignard: Would be great to call ajax somedata and cache it to a variable.

Kimple: There are a lot fo places you could cache it

Kimple: You’d still ahve the same issue though

Kimple: You know, es6 is different enough that it feel like a different language to me.

Kimple: At least using it with a lot of its features

Szymczak: Hi, can anyone tell me why Promise.deferred has been deprecated?

Brezinski: I’m trying to adjust my code but I’m trying not to repeat another antipattern

Bonneville: The use case I have is basically registering a callback with a new instance of a cl***

Asenjo: Edibsk you could build your won deferred

Curio: Yeah, i’m more curious why they’re being deprecated so i don’t duplicate bad practices

Attinger: What’s the easiest non jquery way to send a JSON POST?

Ory: Industrial: let me get you a quick example. standby

Chimeno: Industrial:

Nystrom: I have this exact problem***ent-do***entelement-scrolltop-return-value-differs-in-chrome and do***ent.body wouldn’t work in FF

Nystrom: Any way to check for FF and give it only a do***ent.body.scrollTop

Mangubat: Hi, I’ve some trouble with my javascript, being currently trying to use the replace function, with this syntax =

Ours: But whatever i do i keep getting this error = “Uncaught syntax error: Unexpected String”

Marquardt: Could anyone give me a hint, cause i’m a bit confused here,.

Coger: You’re mistaken about which line contains the error

Bolick: Well, i might be wrong, but the error is either on the line i’ve posted either on this one =

Coger: Nope, that syntax is also fine

Vanderhorst: Well, here’s my code that get this error, i really don’t get what’s wrong =

Corseri: Is there a way to get an element via ID in Jquery by using regexp and grouping/saving what was matched? I want to do if$”id$=-wrapper”.blah and reuse whatever was matched

Ciers: How would you access a folder full of images, get the url for each image and put it in an array, then {{each}} over that array to display each image on a page of my choosing?