How would I go about making.

Suttin: We ask you if .UserId_Text was an id, and you said yes, but in the code it’s id=”UserId_Text”

Derickson: This post discuss possible solutions for my problem, none good =P

Suttin: Flecha, it’s not a problem, you are only lazy to write chars

Zerbel: I got curious – apparently, you actually can use a period ‘.’ and any other characters that aren’t normally allowed as CSS identifiers which are required for the ID selector after ‘#’

Pelham: You just have to escape them with

Ditton: So for instance ‘#.UserId_Text { }’ would be a valid way to style that element

Voltaire: If the element actually had a .

Hellmuth: Suttin: I came from Python, sorry

Rozell: Of course it’s still a terrible idea to use non-identifier characters

Pagonis: Invisible bug just begging to happen when you forget that backslash

Homiak: But you know, if you really needed to

Suttin: Ah yeah.

Heiman: Relevant part of the spec –

Weeman: Jrajav: that is close to identical might be identical to reference names in JS

Gastello: Suttin i already said sorry.

Mogel: A-zA-Z_a-zA-Z0-9_ is a pretty common identifier spec in a lot of languages

Suttin: Shame on you, shame on you !

Suttin: For two letters language

Suttin: Of course, life is a big joke

Teri: I have a file where each line is a json-formatted array and the first line is a list of the string headers and each subsequent line is a value in this table. is there name for that style of format?

Arbaugh: Have any of you guys checked out redux?

Gastello: Https:// ; 2nd problem.

Gastello: I have been using internet for like 5-7 years. javascript is the best thing happened and quite difficult too. exciting as well

Arbaugh: Anyone using redux or rxjs?

Gastello: Renlo no idea at all.

Suttin: You can’t submit an input, but only a form

Suttin: But you can click an input button

Gastello: Https:// ; click

Slover: Smgs: you should take the time to learn HTML and JS

Suttin: Smgs, it’s setTimeout not SetTimeout

Suttin: And clicking a submit button that is not inside a form does nothing

Gastello: Suttin, yup that i corrected.

Resek: Https://

Gastello: Salquero i shall. but slowly.

Oszust: Smgs: sloppy code/’fixing stuff” after paste is wasting EVERYONEs time

Melear: Smgs: take the time to learn. THEN try doing stuff.

Gastello: Salquero. please bear.

Pusch: Is my time not valuable?

Gastello: Salquero. sorry i am not wasting time intentionally.

Suttin: You are programming with bear hands

Ficenec: Right, but your sloppiness is

Gastello: Between thanks that one worked too. NoiseEee

Gastello: Suttin, hehe, i always do stuff with bear hands. are there any tools? thanks.

Pae: How do you type with bear hands?

Gastello: It seems everyone is making jokes on me. :-p

Pae: But their thumbs aren’t opposable!

Wolak: I love the defensive comment at the bottom:

Rutkowski: How would I go about making a pop up form that dynamically gives the user more options like if the pick a certain option in the first part of the form, then a new field would appear with a dropdown of options specific to the option chosen before. I’m working with php, html, jquery, and css. If this is possible, could someone explain or guide to the right direction