How slow would it be to add.

Biddle: Down there with sharing SNES ROMs.

Swanstrom: SNES ROMs are more fun. There are so many creative hacks of Super Mario World and Super Metroid.

Rutar: Now I wish there were more hacks of Metroid Zero Mission. That needs a good hacking program, and Double Helix is too alpha to be useful.

Schimming: I made a JS function that accepts a PayPal checkout token, a PayPal username, and a PayPal p***word, and it performs the workflow to authorize the transaction

Schimming: Can I get in trouble if I publish that?

Nickey: Oh, that’s right, we’re in a JS channel. :3

Straight: Schimming: paypal has a JS SDK that does that already, afaik

Schimming: Straight it uses oauth and their API

Lacosse: I can’t find anything about TypedArray.isArray at MDN.

Schimming: They don’t publish anything that logs in to their server performs the authorization on behalf of the user altogether

Straight: Gilgameshkun: hm – Array.isArray certainly works for those too

Schimming: I believe there’s a is-typed-array module

Schimming: I use instanceof for typed array checks

Cappellini: Ugh, head beginning to hurt. I’m going to watch videos of cute turtles eating food.

Straight: Schimming: sad, instanceof is never reliable

Straight: Schimming: also, not so accurate

Farwell: Watch a turtle eat a strawberry from beginning to end. —

Schimming: Straight: ah yeah that is much better

Straight: Schimming: no i’m saying that module is not better

Schlett: Watching turtles be cute is very zen.

Straight: Schimming: typed arrays cover pre-es6, lots of browsers, lots of node versions… it’s not a simple test.

Ares: Sometimes you need a zen moment to clear your mind, so you can refocus on your work with a fresh new perspective.

Schimming: Straight: but they all have that ArrayBuffer buffer property, so that is a decent quick-and-dirty way to tell

Strobridge: Baby turtle eating flowers one-by-one in a gr***y field absolutely full of them. —

Straight: Schimming: a i’m not confident they do, b that breaks cross-realm.

Straight: Schimming: also, the “constructor” property can be easily overridden

Schimming: Straight: how would you perform the test in a modern browser?

Straight: Schimming: i haven’t looked into it yet, but i’m quite sure it’d involve feature tests and try/catch

Delsoin: Two baby turtles simultaneously eating the same fumak leaf out of a man’s hand. —

Desmith: Mind feeling less stressed.

Schimming: Gilgameshkun come on man talk about JS or something

Marklund: This *is* part of my JS process. My mind started to hurt, so I needed some zen.

Peightal: And I might as well share it too. :3

Muoio: There’s something strangely soothing about watching a turtle gnaw off chunks of cuttlebone.

Hutchingson: Okay.back to coding, I guess.

Matteucci: Straight: How do you check if an object is a plain object? Not a subcl*** of anything but Object.

Straight: Gilgameshkun: Object.getPrototypeOfobj === Object.prototype

Courie: And that works in ES5 too?

Straight: Gilgameshkun: altho that’s not cross-realm safe. why do you care?

Mattsey: You know better – I think of problems compartmentally. It’s too much of a headache to explain an entire project. XD

Straight: Yes, getPrototypeOf is ES5.

Mohs: What’s a cross-realm-safe way?

Kment: How slow would it be to add a cl*** to a few elements during the initial load?