How should I be testing my.

Straight: Rcyr: since a, b = a + b is trivial to write.

Mcsween: It’s much harder to optimise + when it’s just a first-cl*** function

Recker: How do you use quotes innside quotes in js

Scappaticci: Var x = $” “div” ”

Graza: Ahaha rcyr was searching a little about es-discuss and found

Yoeckel: Hello. i’m a beginner with javascript. i was wondering if there are any IDEs that one could recommend?

Bolerjack: GitGud, people swear by webstorm

Grulke: Haha i like your nick

Alevedo: I liked intellij for java

Poarch: And i think its by the same company so i’ll give webstorm a try as well

Bolerjack: GitGud, what type of features are you looking for? because text editors have all that I need tbh, and for debugging you’d use devtools

Bolerjack: Text editors + plugins + terminal == IDE

Rittichier: Predict text is a good feature. something that for example, would suggest based on context/objects

Bolerjack: GitGud, what is that? autocompletion?

Tetley: Hmm, when you think about it. you can use ES6 symbol to implement “typecl***”-ish stuff

Bolerjack: GitGud, all editors have this

Bolerjack: Either on their own or with tern_js

Cabam: Cool. i’ll try it out then. ty falafel

Straight: Rcyr: no differently than a string property really, except for the lesser possibility of collision

Deraney: Avoiding name collisions is a good thing though

Rishe: Symbols are pretty good for defining interfaces

Burnash: Dekok: What I had in mind:

Aden: I did it in 5 minutes. could be totally broken.

Honore: Straight: that’s just what Haskell calls it, to differentiate from append, which is not a function on monoids. Same with map vs fmap

Ripke: That’s mostly a historical accident. They had append, map, etc before type cl***es

Pennella: In node can i send a string to a file?

Loverich: Dekok: Of course, the actual goal is something like that:

Topp: Dekok: More generic functions.

Steggeman: Bolerjack: lets say my string is ‘ span x /span ‘ i wnat to print x

Bolerjack: Django_, cheerio, like I said

Ferrando: Or better said.the in between

Bolerjack: Django_, you wrap it in cheerio, it gives a jquery-like object out of your string

Bolerjack: Then you access .text and you get “x”

Krebsbach: Bolerjack: following this example:

Bolerjack: Rcyr, next transducers, it is basically monoids + reduce

Sit: Bolerjack: I just needed to test if I could use Symbols for that purpose. Looks like it

Cato: Personally I would like to have Eq, Ord more than Monoid and like 😛

Mccrackin: Bolerjack: what does “wrap it in cherio mean”

Medick: Var $ = cheerio.loadbody;

Bolerjack: Django_, that tutorials uses cheerio, it explains.

Hayner: Bolerjack: if the htm grabbed is: div cl***=”content” XXX div can I tell it to look for div cl***=”content /div and return what is in the middle?

Hashem: Kozusko unchained or chained ?

Polinsky: Bolerjack: do you know angular?

Bremseth: Can I use something like less.js to compile s*** on-the-fly?

Hichens: Any good examples of using the new fetch method to get data into a Flux Store? Or other ideas?

Wittbrodt: Finally, after days of making the bot, i made the site:

Koulalis: Bolerjack: if i use this: I get empty

Voisinet: How should I be testing my MEAN mongo/express/angular/node app? I have a REST api based on Node and then the angular app accesses that. I have no tests written whatsoever, I don’t know what tools I should be using I’ve heard about a bunch of related stuff, like Karma, Chai, Sinon, Cu***ber, etc, but I can’t decide.