Hi! I want to download all.

Elvis: Because both of those were wrong in his code

Muhlbauer: Enough to make me go completely stupid

Pashley: Well, it adds badges based on the role, admin, sentinelle, mapcrew etc. but when the role is admin it should add all badges, see staffRanks list.

Callo: Its kinda difficult to explain ;;

Pan: Isn’t $do***ent.ready jQuery?

Trube: You don’t have jQuery loaded in jsfiddle

Hollack: Also, that being jQuery, you can use its selector elsewhere as well

Edgecomb: Do***ent.getElementsByCl***Name’cl***’ can be replaced by $’.cl***’ no?

Sankoff: And I’ll mention Array.forEach again, which would be a neat improvement here I think

Party: How would it improve?

Gullo: It’d remove the for structure which isn’t very readable if you’re going through an array

Chustz: 1,2,3.forEachfunctionvalue { // do something }

Angeline: Imo that reads away a lot easier

Akuna: But it also adds function calls to the thing

Shilo: Which has some complexity to it

Fitzpatrick: What is wrong with “badgeElement.innerHTML = text+”br/”+badgeBox.join””;” ?

Halbritter: Jordy: count the amount of ‘s and ‘s in the code around this statement =

Nardone: Probably you have some missing

Rollyson: How do I check if an object is pure? 😮

Camp: Felishia: why do you want that?

Schmelter: I did count, there is only one and one

Amadon: Deniska, to throw an error if the input is not valid

Mckoon: Felishia: where are you getting this input from?

Crew: Deniska, dev library I’m writting

Krivanek: And I’m stuck in something quite basic :p

Gouldsberry: Felishia: I’d say, just describe that behaviour in the docs =

Catherman: If someone inputs {stuff:function{.}} it will kill the lib, so I’d rather throw an error

Rousso: Deniska, noo XD I just made that mistake myself. imagine, I’m the creator

Ryther: Felishia: and why does your lib choke on functions?

Garofolo: Could I, using webpack or something, put 1-2 functions in a seperate file, then call them in a main file?

Chesner: I wrote a bot and right now its an if-else, I was thinking of doing if command ==command { functionSavedInAnotherFile }

Leaton: Deniska, because it’s a JSON handling lib

Steve: And then when its ‘compiled’ there in the same file

Junkins: It doesn’t expect functions, only JSON

Faucett: Felishia: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5999998/how-can-i-check-if-a-javascript-variable-is-function-type

Scholin: People talking about json often have terminology confused

Inkavesvanitc: Now whatever it represents is usually called “plain javascript objects” or something along these lines =

Glotzbach: It really represents ordered/unordered collections and it will depend on the language that’s parsing the JSON

Litscher: Well, I ***ume javascript here =

Baribeau: Well my library produce output not takes input as JSON actually :p

Valaitis: It’s called JSONInput thought

Palenzuela: But expects input from the user, however I have to build inputs myself as developer

Crotty: Btw json spec doesn’t specify whether objects should be ordered or not

Kincheloe: And I can make nasty mistakes xD

Horrocks: Deniska, I know. that’s why I didn’t use JSON.stringify

Fantazia: And it is better to ***ume that objects are unordered =

Faus: Daniman: sorry baby duties. yes in fact I recommend including it as a separate js file

Hastie: Hi! I want to download all ROMs from coolrom.com but in this page how do I get the link to the game? http://coolrom.com/roms/psx/38620/Easter_Bunny’s_Big_Day.php