Hi guys.think I am finally.

Jurina: 14:57 Gaumont Xatenev: build my game client in angular/react/riot? 😀

Plantier: Uh oh, games in react, danger danger

Rattler: Games in angular, nope nope nope

Buzzi: Only thing I’d use React or Angular in games for is UI stuff if you have something like info displays and buttons etc.

Kitts: Hehehe, my new react-three implementation gotta give creds to https://github.com/Izzimach/react-three is gonna blow minds!

Nored: Grrrr, it would sure be handy if there were a JSON.test instead of just JSON.p**** application broken without error handling because of corrupt data

Buzzi: Soteros: huh, there’s something like that too eh. not entirely sure what to think about it tbh =

Kincey: Zomg: be amazed and fall in love maybe ;

Corrett: Is there a peticular reason to write if/else like this:?

Alpaugh: Yeah i’d fill those moustaches and parentheses

Rambin: Personally I used to write like this:

Hoversten: Yep, go for that one, ignore anyone else

Nored: My beautifier supports both options

Lambdin: I have seen that style if/else keywords at same indent used for enterprise java

Ginnings: See: http://eslint.org/docs/rules/brace-style

Weikal: K&R https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indent_style#Variant:_1TBS all the way

Buzzi: I use that style, no particular reason really

Luzi: Alright, that make me feel better, I thought I was missing something here

Moltrie: It does not make much sense as “else” block cannot be used separatedly from “if” block

Buzzi: I don’t think there’s really any practical difference besides looking a tiny bit different 😛

Bidle: Really though the above could be written as


Pyles: Yeah so i guess that’s not optimal 😛

Ragus: Your company with often enforce your syntax linting rules.

Buzzi: Symbian C rules are the best ones btw

Degidio: I used to go the 6 line way when i was first learning programming

Crites: Thought the 3 line way was fugly

Ringgold: That’s almost like switch formatting

Buzzi: So know a bunch of Symbian gurus

Gustin: You can’t really use “{ on the next line” in js

Pefanis: Unless you make an exception for returning object literals

Buzzi: Https://books.google.fi/books?id=61b46Uti8-UC&pg=PA47&lpg=PA47&dq=symbian+code+indent&source=bl&ots=Z3IeqRFocj&sig=XB0KrPj8AI-gCRcuyHw64ERUT0g&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CB8Q6AEwAGoVChMI3cbgu4zlxwIVCREsCh3C1Qe-#v=onepage&q=symbian%20code%20indent&f=false

Buzzi: There’s an example of the Symbian formatting there

Buzzi: Note they also use that with pretty much everything, and not just ifs

Kranze: I cannot click in terminal

Buzzi: Get a better terminal emulator :p

Sidelinger: Sometimes I wonder how curly braces languages would look with lisp style formatting =

Buzzi: Lisp style formatting already looks dumb

Wojnowski: It must be so confusing doing math operations in lisp

Camren: Which part is the condition/math and which part is the function, i cannot

Buzzi: You mean because of the prefix operator?

Buzzi: It’s not that strange, you get used to it rather quickly I think 😛

Buzzi: But yeah I dislike the paren frenzy as well

Bidle: Prohobo: it’s all the function

Bidle: Functions all the way down

Mcguire: Some languages allow for custom operators that contain parentheses

Mcquaid: What is “fully parenthesized Polish prefix notation.”?

Kubasch: Was lisp written by Polish people?

Kresal: Hi guys.think I am finally getting a hang of prototype. I just need to ask a question now