Hellyeah: what on earth is.

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Corneille: I just added some stuff

Swirczek: Thanks, nevermind it for now

Lemarr: Could you please take another look?

Gartz: I changed a couple of things

Reineck: Well looks like there’s an error because jQuery..onload is not a function

Dohrmann: JQuery is in compatibility mode for WP

Bordeau: Fixed, apparently it was a compatibility issue

Vaudreuil: I replaced $ with jQuery and everything worked.

Chanel: It’s weird though, I’ve used this method in the past and everything worked fine, don’t know what the deal was now.

Rosher: Do integers have to be quoted in json?

Incomstanti: Non-finite numbers do, or they’ll serialize as null.

Reineck: Teomar: iirc wordpress uses jQuery’s noConflict mode so that would stop $ from working

Russian: I know, but that’s why you’re supposed to do the whole jQuery.blablafunction${ thing

Garrison: I’ve used it before w/ WP and it worked fine

Sarnoff: Now I’m creating my own bootstrap theme and I must have messed up something

Reineck: I think that works with jQuerywhatever.readyfunction$ { } or with jQueryfunction$ { }

Kingshott: Yeah, that’s what I did

Ardeneaux: In any case, ***** it for now, it was for a very particular project :

Bongo: Okay, I have a contenteditable div. How do I insert a tab character at the caret position?

Ellerd: I already have a function to get the caret position and a hook on the tab key.

Cheranichit: I’d like to not use jQuery for this.

Solarski: Nevermind my question, I found a function for it.

Pilon: Okay, in a contenteditable div, how do I set the caret position?

Demma: Set a zero-length selection, I think

Cervantsz: Deltab: How do I do that?

Perler: By calling a method, probably

Miss: I meant in terms of what methods

Lavala: Possibly by getting an object and setting its properties

Mate: Mackan90096: Content Editable – Web developer guide MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/HTML/Content_Editable

Subert: Is it impossible with the es6 module syntax to just import everything from a module?

Nii: Import * from “foo” gives a syntax error

Quilter: Try import * as foo from ‘foo’

Heinlein: Ah, yeah, that’s what I opted for

Levens: I can do export * from “foo” though.?

Quilter: Dbrock all syntaxes are explained here https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Statements/import

Schuneman: Dbrock: you always have to specify some name or names to ***ign to

Gwyn: Can i check button click or not like that? What am i missing here?

Kissik: Hellyeah: of course you can. thats what onClick is for :

Desso: Supay: when i click button i want to get alert what am i missing here? https://jsfiddle.net/3ssa5stm/17/

Happenny: Is there a way to add a “br/” between 2 items everytime in a array? ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’ – ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘br/’, ‘c’, ‘d’?

Kolber: Hi, hope someone can help. I have a click event returns position on a parent div, and a child div inside, when I click it triggers the child, shouldnt it trigger the parent?

Hankey: CamC: It depends on how the event is captured and bubbled

Hankey: Hellyeah: what on earth is that code