Hello, I’m trying to.

Crickmore: Rcyr: I have been looking through the docs. And I found reference to a sync option in a folder called “legacy”. In the latest version that seems to have disappeared.

Shahinian: Geekeasy: Then do it the way it should be done.

Shahinian: In any case, you picked the wrong language if you don’t want to work with async functions.

Radoslovich: Http://paste.ee/p/Oms03

Nachmias: Hello, I like to login to ebay with javascript.

Luzi: Is there a way write js code blocklylike in firebu console in the chrom devTool console, instead of line by line?

Hammonds: Geekeasy: why do you need it to be synchronous btw?

Dietert: Dolby: It doesn’t _need_ to be synchronous. But for this particular application back-end, low traffic, moderately heavy data processing I think the code would probably be cleaner and better organized if it was synchronous.

Malouf: And another language might indeed be a better choice, but I’m doing this in javascript specifically to learn javascript. ;-

Azotea: Geekeasy: whether something is synchronous or asynchronous has no bearing on how clean or well organised it is

Manzone: Geekeasy: the abstractions you use are the things that will help positively or negatively with that. Using CPS is going to make it hard to have clean/well-organised code, because you need call-site specific composition in a lot of cases. But you can use promises, tasks, csp, generators, and several other tools for dealing with concurrency

Metchikoff: Also, synchronous in Node means you block your server from doing *anything else*, since there’s only one thread. It’s a really bad idea for anything that takes more than a couple of milliseconds.

Aleksey: Sync: var bla = func; doSomethingbla; async: funcdoSomething; async+promise: func.thendoSomething;

Loescher: So, if you have a synchronous process that takes 1 minute in your server, your server becomes entirely unresponsive for 1 minute.

Lampson: I have a small question

Redlon: How can I call the jquery resize handler I’ve just defined when the page first loads?

Sarrett: Nahiyan: make it a function, call that function

Sarrett: Nahiyan: eg, function handleResize { . }; handleResize; jQuery.bind’resize’, handleResize

Sarrett: A handler is just a function, all you’re doing when registering an event handler is asking it to call your function when the event occurs

Sarrett: You’ll have to be careful if you make use of things like “this” pointing to an element that an event occured on, or the event argument, etc

Bassi: Ok I get it, so I p*** an unnamed function to the event handler

Zymowski: But to have it called once I p*** a named one

Laguna: How to generate friendly short uuids like p**** does?

Sarrett: Robo7: use integers from various sources and base62? http://www.anotherchris.net/csharp/friendly-unique-id-generation-part-1/

Sarrett: Robo7: could use a mixture of monotonically incrementing ids and random

Sarrett: Robo7: looks like a useful library http://hashids.org/

Laguna: Sarrett thanks will look

Giove: Hello all, I have a submit button that is generating an a message on the html page. It appears to be working when I hit the submit button, but it immediatly disappears. Thoughts?

Sarrett: K2gremlin: does the form submit and thus navigate to a different page?

Kannas: Sarrett, http://fiddle.jshell.net/2931d7vt/

Dulatre: Sarrett, or better yet. live example. http://k2gremlin.com:8080/form/form.html

Naas: Sarrett, when you it submit, the message briefly appears.

Vandervort: K2gremlin: page reloads after submitting

Sarrett: K2gremlin: worked fine in the fiddle, so its the form element submitting

Sarrett: K2gremlin: if you stop that the form won’t submit, so you’d have to use javascript and ajax to send the data and then worry about older browsers

Lema: Hello, I’m trying to profile a couple of very complex javascript functions and I’m a bit stumped with the profiler output