Hello i don’t know any js.

Sokoloff: Does it work now that you’re doing it the right way vacho?

Leonard: Does not fire anything.

Hanners: Huh, did this channel start requiring people be identified with nickserv recently?

Hluska: Sokoloff: my complete code: http://pastie.org/10395406

Sokoloff: Vacho: why do you have two totally differnet selectors there?

Sokoloff: Also you can just do $this.data. inside that body since the element has already been selected

Sokoloff: Once you fix the selector on line 3 which is missing a #

Karalis: Sokoloff: I fixed that, still nothing

Sokoloff: Vacho: looks to be working just fine here: http://jsfiddle.net/fpwwqh4u/1/

Sokoloff: Though I’m confused why you are manually firing the show event on click of the input that you already initialized it on

Sokoloff: It does that by itself

Smelley: It might be better to make it focus instead of click

Mcumber: Objects in JS are functions, arrays and objects themselves right?im talking about non-primitive types ?

Hanners: Hmm. so I’m working for a PR on a channels type thing – making the default signaling token a Symbol in the global table so it’ll work across realms, but falling back to a sort of polyfill for non-supporting environments. In order for it to work cross realm, I’m providing a token checking function that can be used in EITHER environment, but is only required in non-ES6. Question: do you think I should provide a debug message or anything about the fallbac

Corlew: Someone could confirm please?

Sokoloff: Corlew: everything in JS is an object

Godde: Well, other than undefined.

Gerrero: Havvy: TypeError: undefined has no properties

Keitsock: Vacho: readonly seems to disable the datepicker from showing

Keitsock: When I remove that, it shows up fine

Kurtin: Keitsock yeahhh indeed lol a lot of people have different take on as what a JS object is, in truth you are definitely right, everything is an object in JS, but I like thinking of only REALLY objects to be really objects 😀

Keitsock: Bucaram: but for what purpose? what are you trying to figure out?

Keitsock: That’s why it’s hard to answer your question because it totally depends on the context

Einspahr: Anyone familiar with twitter typeahead ?

Keitsock: Undefined = {toString: function { return ‘5’; }}; undefined.toString

Gerrero: Keitsock: TypeError: undefined has no properties

Thayne: Keitsock well, I was trying to figure out what type of objets and mutable and immutable, so primitive objects are not mutable right?

Keitsock: Bucaram: ah! there we go. correct primitives are immutable

Keitsock: You can’t do var foo = ‘asdf’; foo1 = ‘b’; and end up with abdf

Keitsock: You can ***ign a *new* string to var foo but you can’t mutate the original one in place

Renno: Demeritte there we go 😀 thats pretty much what I meant in a first place, probably worded it wrongly

Keitsock: No worries it happens

Menist: Keitsock: I get it.my bad.thanks for firing up the jsfiddle.! any thoughts on solutions? I don’t want users to manually input date.

Keitsock: C0nundrum: don’t ask to ask, or if there’s an expert around. just ask the question

Keitsock: Vacho: hidden date that’s fired via button?

Keitsock: Does it work if the input is hidden?

Menist: Keitsock: I want to prevent the user from typing in a date manually. They should only be able to use calendar

Keitsock: Right, and what about the suggestion I just made/

Keitsock: Hidden input, button to show the datepicker

Keitsock: Otherwise, I would just bind to the input’s keydown event, and e.preventDefault every time

Counceller: Hello i don’t know any js. can someone please help me with this? https://gist.github.com/siaw23/86f7721d8e389d3dfc38