Hello everybody, I’ve a.

Mapa: Http://jsfiddle.net/matevqfq/2/ this one, I mean

Mutschler: Woof. Yet another build tool

Duerst: I have a bootstrap related question

Amauty: Thanks Respek it tried joining #bootstrap, i get redirected

Minney: I didnt know its ##bootstrap

Duplesis: Can someone be nice enough to look at some simple javascript and let me know if im following best practice?

Apyuan: Here is the html: https://dpaste.de/880W and here is the javascript: https://dpaste.de/sS6O

Somani: Adding extra properties to a DOM element is not a good practice

Krakowiak: How am i adding extra properties

Nitchman: Consumed is a td, td don’t have .value

Eng: Oh. then how can i treat it as a number that i can change?

Serasio: Can I check why my form is submitted instead of my scrips are running when I include some .js file ?

Rakoski: I would like to know why it’s submitted

Mckenize: You can add extra properties to el.dataset.someData = “1” but they are string, or you could store them inside a javascript object

Wonderling: What about setting it as html and then reading it as a string and parsing as an int?

Hoefert: Firefox inspector doesn’t give me much

Humston: I wouldn’t do it, just in case you change the print format or add some text in the cell

Smeck: The number field in html wont let me type letters

Noyer: If letters are typed, i want to update the input box to be a value of 0

Kostyk: Like in 44, you are doing it, and you check for NaN and “NaN” as a string

Zillmer: I tried setting value to zero but it doesnt actually update the box

Griffo: Instead of setting a variable, checking for isNaN and correcting the value before

Ferko: G2nightmare, where do you do that ?

Sabado: G2nightmare: Please declare like this var breakfast = do***ent.getElementById”breakfast”.value; instead of this var breakfast = +do***ent.getElementById”breakfast”.value;

Boemig: Ok so i am using the + when not needed?

Laureles: It convert the string to a number

Guerriero: But I would name the variable breakfastCalories

Borries: Is it correct to keep the Javascript keyword in the onclick event, ie: onclick=’Javascript:functionName;’

Balado: And you should use event listener in the javascript

Mote: Erm anyone some idea how I can see why a form is posted ?

Zicherman: Yansanmo: I think being explicitly converting string to number in such cases is good according to me. Otherwise beginners might not know what is happening.

Lidtke: Beginner that don’t know anything, need to learn

Rubarts: G2nightmare: Yeah But an implict string conversion bug is the last thing they would want to deal with.

Barreras: Var breakfast = Numberdo***ent.getElementById”breakfast”.value seems not so hard to learn.

Massanet: For people who know how the + operators works might feel that its explicit.

Bork: But writing Numberstring seems more explicit and clear to me.

Stehlik: If you don’t know how the % operator works, is it explicit?

Bullara: Its also a function which has benifits

Lavander: Is it the modulo operator or the remainder operator lol

Primes: Yansanmo:Don’t know what to say. I give up.

Dragone: It’s not explicit, when you don’t write it

Cottrell: It’s explicit when you add it

Higginbotham: So do you guys all use Ansible?

Jorres: Weird question for #javascript

Cina: Hendershott: My reaction exactly

Konopacki: Yansanmo: Ansible is Simple IT Automation http://www.ansible.com/

Flemm: Hello everybody, I’ve a problem, I have a clock made with javascript, it only shows the current time, that part is easy, but it should show the server time, my problem is when the client has a different time, only seconds, it will fail, somebody knows a good way to sync the time against the server time ?