Height: 100px; overflow-y:.

Thress: OffsetTop seems to increase for each object trs.

Neikirk: I also tried – instead of +.

Souto: You want relative to the top of the page?

Gentleman: Zumba_addict: that’s just calling a function with its receiver set to the current “this”

Espree: Undrinkablesoup, do the clientRect and use do***ent.body.scrollTop

Bradeen: Thanks Gentleman. I put a debugger and ran over the code, the this grew

Bumford: Add them together and that should give you the absolute position of the element

Hadwin: Looks like that code is what implements the inheritance

Orn: GreenJello: Same thing seems to happen with that. Sigh.

Bartolotta: As soon as I scroll, it becomes offset.

Schetrompf: Only works when it has not scrolled.

Fude: This is really making my skin crawl.

Johnosn: I tried with – as well. Wrong.

Huisman: RectObject.top + do***ent.body.scrollTop

Malachi: RectObject.top – do***ent.body.scrollTop

Attles: Both work when it has not scrolled.

Hardgrave: But as soon as it scrolls, the wrong values start being calculated.

Fruits: GreenJello: Turns out that do***ent.body.scrollTop never changes when I scroll.

Lansdell: That’s why it calculates wrongly.

Merrick: But why doesn’t it? Isn’t it scrollTop?

Gavin: So “this” inside a function will have the scope of that function unless we substitute this to another variable like self and use self instead

Kalkman: This and scope are totally separate concepts

Kalkman: Usually we call “this” the context, just to avoid confusion

Kalkman: Zumba_addict: read this article: http://perfectionkills.com/know-thy-reference/

Kalkman: Explains exactly how “this” works

Ruesch: I thought scope and context were the same

Kalkman: Scope = the variables that you have access to

Gentleman: Actually usually we call “this” the “receiver” to avoid confusion

Gentleman: The word “context” is what causes confusion.

Kalkman: Aka the current function and all parent wrapping functions

Kalkman: I am only going based on what I actually see in the real world, and I’ve never once seen the word receiver used. many docs use context and scope

Sandau: Maybe lexical context but not execution context

Oballe: I updated the code and the value got overwritten. This is now a real world scenario. What is the ideal way to address this? http://jsfiddle.net/dqggvjrj/1/

Spellane: I’m referring to the age property I added in Cl***C

Klammer: So am I right that Cl***C shouldn’t have the same property name? or should I put another property that doesn’t exist from the parent?

Kalkman: Code runs top to bottom zumba_addict

Kalkman: Setting this.age =10; and then setting this.age = 12; means this.age will be 12

Kalkman: Which is what you’re doing in Cl***C

Hefferman: GreenJello: Isn’t it window.scrollY?

Felicia: The question goes for everyone else too.

Kalkman: You are setting this.age = 10; and then you are immediately after that setting this.age = 12;

Uriostejue: That’s what I am seeing on the output. It gets overwritten by cl***B

Liskai: Maybe do***ent.body.scrollTop is legacy and discontinued or something?

Pestoni: Undrinkablesoup, is the window scrolling or is it the table?

Zema: GreenJello: The browser window is scrolling, obviously.

Molgard: I am instantiating cl***C first which calls cl***B

Angelotti: Tables can scroll, it’s not uncommon :-

Cannada: Cl***C is a child of cl***B

Tomaino: Height: 100px; overflow-y: scroll;