Heh I remember writing doc.

Masella: Damnit. if you want to thank me, convince another person to give up splash screens and scroll hi*******.

Casella: Https://bpaste.net/show/652e2d85f0b7

Lahtinen: But then i guess i can do that with promises too

Ziemer: Nesting is definitely annoyinng

Masella: By having the code too far apart, you’ve already got a bug

Masella: There’s no onHttpSuccess function

Balzano: I meant onAjaxSuccess

Baughman: Changed it mid-coding

Masella: Right, i know, now what’ll happen when those are in two different files?

Studebaker: Why would they be in different files, it’s under the same object

Demateo: But i guess if it’s in the global namespace

Waggoner: Yeah i wouldn’t put it in two seperate files

Masella: More than a screen’s height away then, effectively the same thing

Ugalde: What would be wrong with it being more than a screen height away?

Haschke: I have a data attribute on my div that I’d like to catch with javascript/jquery, but var $rg = $”.container-fluid”.data”rg”; gives me undefined

Masella: Afroradiohead: bouncing around the source trying to read it once you’ve forgotten how the whole thing works or, perhaps, if you never knew

Sanfelix: What’s the alternative?

Mcconaghy: Afroradiohead: i think he’s just trying to say that the more compact related logic, the better. he’s saying that promise-style tends to fulfill that better than other options

Bogin: That being said afroradiohead there’s async/await which is coming to browser near you in 2050

Lacatena: Lol what do you mean by that Games?

Konopacki: Games: <script> – HTML HyperText Markup Language MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/script

Vires: Yeah i dunnow how to find it

Mcconville: The more compact related logic. the better. i gotta see if that’s true in all cases

Laundry: Big case small case, short case long case

Goffer: Afroradiohead: give this a read, it won’t be a waste of your time. it’ll help you think about everything you’ve been wondering https://thomashunter.name/blog/the-long-road-to-asyncawait-in-javascript/

Bubis: Thanks Games, checking it out

Masella: Or you could ship. either one

Lengerich: Eh Masella sometimes you dig with the spoon you’re given, sometimes you invent a shovel

Ashraf: I code for the future devs working on my crap, not for deadlines

Masella: Afroradiohead: do you write docs?

Stakley: I prefer not to, but do when i ****

Masella: Afroradiohead: then you aren’t writing for future devs

Santillana: Because i’m not writing docs?

Strickland: No he’s trying to say you need to express yourself through the code

Gomberg: So that the code is so stupidly readable that anyone can work with it immediately

Lingner: That’s the dream anyway

Gibert: To be fair though, working with that in mind makes you a better programmer

Masella: No. there is no such thing as self-do***enting code

Masella: I didn’t say comments. i said docs. stop putting words in my mouth

Masella: Do***entation explains why that code exists and how it fits into the larger picture of the entire thing

Mannchen: There may be a way that code could express that

Eyton: Masella: stop do***enting, stop explaining things to peasants, start shipping. a wise person once told me that

Masella: Games: sounds like a stupid person to me, especially insulting people by calling them peasants

Masella: Because i didn’t say “stop do***enting”. afroradiohead said they prefer not to do***ent, and that’s why nobody else will understand their code in the future

Compere: Heh I remember writing doc blocks that would just repeat the function name or the 1 word parameter expressed it better than the description