Harnly: flow does not.

Flor: I meant, web design *can* be such a joke

Flor: Throw in m***ive text, one beautiful picture and you’re done.

Flor: I’ve seen that done so many times.

Flor: It’s funny because I used to do that when I was a kid and turns out I was way ahead of the game

Lamborn: Lf94: Design is subjective, and as such change with trends. Bootstrap made giant images with one button in the middle a trend, and now everything looking like that is awesome.

Flor: I certainly don’t think that looks awesome.

Flor: Not all aspects of design are subjective either

Gerrero: Auntydawnspavlov: For help, ask your question. Be patient. Code samples should be pasted in a paste service see !paste. Tell us 1 what you want to happen, 2 what is actually happening, and 3 any error messages you find see !describe and !debug.

Flor: I can show a design to one million designers and they could easily all dislike it.

Gerrero: Auntydawnspavlov: Show some code, but don’t paste it on the channel. For frontend code HTML/CSS/JS, you can provide a test case that we can run, so that we can help you: use https://jsfiddle.net , https://jsbin.com , or http://requirebin.com . For Node.js code, use sites like https://gist.github.com/ and https://bpaste.net .

Lamborn: Take a website theme everyone loves and buys like hot ****, hot bread, but since these are flies… remove the photos, add one of yours taken with normal ilght, no makeup, no dry-clean clothes, no hairstylist involved, and the website is crap.

Gerrero: Auntydawnspavlov: Please, provide the full scenario for your problem. e.g.: I am trying to do X, I do so by calling APIs Y see !paste, but Z happens instead. I see the following error messages: can’t call method Y of undefined.

Gerrero: Auntydawnspavlov: Browser-based debuggers — Firefox https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/Web_Console, Safari https://developer.apple.com/technologies/safari/developer-tools.html, Chrome https://developers.google.com/chrome-developer-tools/docs/overview, Opera http://www.opera.com/dragonfly/, IE http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd565625%28v=vs.85%29

Lamborn: Kamuela_iOS: what happened with your other username? I kinda found the issue.

Flor: Auntydawnspavlov: I think you can private message the bot so you don’t flood the channel with those messages.

Lamborn: In IOS, the non-clickable elements seems to be “under” the main div padding the main div is below, with z-index, but the padding is blocking the elements clickability, as if it was on top of them.

Borlin: I have a very strange problem i dont know how to describe it for it shouldn’t be happening. I have a function and im trying to run it as usual but it wont work i get error “TypeError: this.ccf is not a function” strange thing is everything seems to be correct here is paste: https://jsbin.com/pamezeyupi/edit?js , ill i get is that error on line 183 you can see in code function is fine so why this error ? It was workin

Figart: Live: http://such-is-life-scottie1.c9.io:8080/ just click the X to get past menu then you will see the error in console when you click on ie: rock

Harnly: Auntydawnspavlov, lines 25,26,27

Wilber: 25 – 28 should be this. ?

Harnly: Auntydawnspavlov, this.pickedPaper.bindthis, this.pickedRock.bindthis

Feleppa: When did i change that 0_o

Madalinski: Does anybody have ANY experience with *****ing together babel and flow? I am banging my head against the wall for 5 hours already without any success

Suderman: Stupid highlighter . needs to change that

Madalinski: Flow as in flowtype.org

Lamborn: Kamuela_iOs: No, but I found the evidence that Safari is way bugged :

Harnly: Madalinski, what is the issue?

Harnly: Babel supports flow out of the box

Bergseng: Hey guys, quick question: this code adds an active cl*** to the li elements, but i want to add the active cl*** to the a tag instead the a tag is inside the li. how do i do it? http://jsbin.com/qazanulowo/edit?html,js,output

Madalinski: Harnly: flow does not understand that __defineCl*** helper functions define cl***es. So I have to blacklist es6.cl***es transformer. And this prevents generators from transpiling. They either disappear completely e.g. *foo {} compiles into just foo, or are left as is.