Harnly: but how is ocaml.

Harnly: Madalinski, mmm, dunno, I haven’t tried it enough to be able to tell

Madalinski: Harnly: same applies for async/await transpiling result, as those are compiled into generators, and generators in cl***es are either stripped or ignored. I can’t make decorators transpile into chained function call with es6.cl***es blacklisted as well.

Lamborn: Kamuela_iOS: if you go to miamifishing.com home page only and touch “charter info” menu item at the very right, because the rest is also unclickable you’ll get a sub-menu drop down with css from which you CAN’T click anything except the last item, which happens to fall over div#page. If you REDUCE the top padding of #page, you can click them!

Lamborn: It’s like the PADDING falls ON TOP of the elements, blocking the clicks.

Madalinski: Harnly: yeah, and in babel’s slack nobody’s going to help also. I know nobody is obliged to, but I am the first to really try to wire flow and babel together?

Madalinski: It seems that the best solution will be to spend few months on implementing plugin for babel for transpiling into flow’s dialect. Or, alternatively, spend same amount of time on making flow use ESTree

Harnly: I doubt it, perhaps try later, many people are going to be in US, it is kind of too early or too late at this time

Tiefenauer: Mobile chrome browser works fine socialblogsite

Lamborn: Kamuela_iOS: cool. Then it’s Safari only. I kind of guessed it

Bradner: Madalinski: take that initiative and add the functionality to the browsers instead

Madalinski: Kamuela_iOS: to all of them, I guess?

Madalinski: This is not funny. my platform is node.js, and node will not support type checking in foreseable future, until ES7 is landed.

Marrone: Fork node and add the support

Madalinski: Yup, sounds quite easy

Madalinski: Remind me please, how do I properly computer?

Kutzer: Well it’s up to you. Just seemed like you were ready to contribute to one open source project, so I gave you an alternative to bring your focus to a head.

Madalinski: Kamuela_iOS: of course, I would like to contribute to opensource product. I am just estimating my skills realistically. Implementing ES6/ES7 support in V8 on my own = completely unrealistic.

Pettibon: Madalinski: try your original question on stack overflow. It’s very active with JavaScript es6 stuff

Harnly: Madalinski, TypeScript is more mature

Madalinski: Harnly: TypeScript lacks even more stuff

Harnly: Madalinski, what does it lack that you need?

Madalinski: Harnly: async/await, for example.

Madalinski: Harnly: or, say, generators. no generators, and no way to transpile them

Madalinski: No computable properties

Harnly: Well, but do you *need* those?

Harnly: After all is about weighting the pros/cons

Madalinski: Well, of course I can write targeting pre-es3 environments, but then what’s the point? why use cl***es, if you have functions? why use functions when you’ve got Good Ol’ Solid Chunk o’ Code and goto’s?

Harnly: TS has cl***es, and promises

Harnly: All those features are in the roadmap though

Harnly: Https://github.com/Microsoft/TypeScript/wiki/Roadmap

Madalinski: Yeah, but it has no generators, no iterators, interfaces with vanilla JS poorly it does not interface with vanilla JS at all, you have to convert everything to TS or write bindings, and it forces transpiling besides just doing typechecking

Harnly: Madalinski, you can’t have it all ¯_ツ_/¯

Harnly: Now that the Babel guy works for Facebook, it is possible they will improve compatibility

Madalinski: Sunk funds. they will not throw out flow written in ocaml and make it use babel p****r written in js

Harnly: It is fine, it doesn’t matter if it is written in Ocaml

Madalinski: Well, ***** it all : some day stars will be right

Madalinski: Harnly: but how is ocaml interfaceable with js code?