Gull, looked at es6.

Emo: Is there a way to add a property to undefined? or to change undefined’s prototype? Does it even have a prototype?

Smeck: I made my best efforts to google, but I couldn’t make my queries distinguish between undefined in other contexts and the undefined object itself

Leverson: Domgetter, undefined is various thing, what do you mean exactly, and why do you want to do that

Creten: Leverson: The undefined that is the default value of an argument to a function.

Contrell: Whether or not I ought to, I’m trying to polymorphically call type on incoming arguments to a function, and I defined it for all the types I care about except when the argument is undefined

Leverson: Domgetter, yeah, that’s a primitive type

Bolan: So I’d like undefined.type to return “undefined”, but I can’t find a way to.

Leverson: What are you trying to do

Ertelt: That makes more sense.

Donaghue: That’s why I couldn’t do 3.type but I could do var a = 3; a.type since I added to the Number prototype

Favilla: I’m trying to make it so that I can call the type property on any incoming argument.

Leverson: Domgetter, numbers are primitive types too, the thing is they get wrapped in objects to have these methods

Englin: Leverson: Does that answer your question of what I’m trying to do? Or did you mean what am I trying to do in a grander scheme?

Leverson: Domgetter, well you can use a regular function typesomething

Zablonski: Hmm, by any chance anybody know how to stop javascript execution on chrome?

Hoeft: The error messages keep scrolling on the console log and I can’t freeze it to look at it

Burdg: Leverson: I guess that’s an okay compromise. I could still take care of edge cases and it would work for all of them. THanks

Leverson: Shingshang, put a break point somewhere

Masaracchia: Http:// right now, only INPUT are working. how can i add SELECT?

Mehlig: What do you want to do? save the value from select?

Sadlow: The custom errors doesnt work for SELECT

Ferdin: I only have this — do***ent.getElementsByTagName”INPUT”;

Lustig: Select your age range” — error message doesnt appear

Kerl: Can someone pls help me with this recursive code

Santelli: Http://

Coutinho: Anybody has some experience with google recaptcha api? :/

Rehler: Just wondering cause it keeps returning me false

Scalice: Without any errorcode

Jacquez: Example call im doing:

Gull: Spykins: apart from the space before the comma, and the indentation, it looks fine as it is

Groening: I just want to understand how it works

Gull: Spykins: which parts don’t you understand?

Gull: What do you know about recursion?

Luangrath: A function that calls itself

Gaiter: Okay nvm, that function is confusing me too

Shekels: Http:// right now, only INPUT are working. how can i add SELECT?

Windell: The custom errors doesnt work for SELECT

Westin: I am having issues where this return nulls findstart + 5, “” + history + ” + 5″ findstart * 3, “” + history + ” * 3″;

Ancic: Vinex08:

Meylor: Selects aren’t inputs

Googe: Anbyody read my answer and mb has an idea?

Krick: You only needed to do a query on multiple tags

Guimares: I.e when start is greater than target

Gull: Vinex08: you don’t have to wait for the event before setting custom validity

Howze: Actually i just googled this code. it’s from a tutorial or stackoverflow i think

Blore: Gull, looked at es6 promises on mdn, i’m set now