Got damn gulp, what a mess.

Krokus: Electro the btc wallet?

Laday: Chowder: jsfiddle has an advantage of predefined popular libs and it can actually run your code.

Hunsberger: Chowder: you can paste it anywhere but here lol

Bueti: So in simple examples like yours, would be a nice thing.

Whitehair: Cervoni: looks like I’m forced to use it anyway. Slow day at work but admin has blocked pastebin. Called it a “network storage” tool.

Apyuan: Torkable: Why electron? :

Metchikoff: Don’t listen to Torkable. #javascript prefers it when you paste the entire source file line-by-line straight into chat 😀

Pigeon: Https:// — here’s my code

Buchner: Cervoni: im not sure what you mean

Sgrignoli: P12: lol. no thank you. I’ve used discussion and I’ve seen the rage or the lulz resulting from such actions.

Pretzer: Pl2: #javascript may prefer that, but this is ##javascript


Geren: I ran jshint and it highlighted several lines. I don’t know why though. lines 1,10,36,37,41

Kafton: What’s the deal with that anyway? why are there # and ## variations of the same channels?

Simonett: Where’s my boy B Eich? Probably in #javascript

Carnathan: Zdko, # is for official projects, ## is for topics

Tropiano: If it helps at all, I’m running firefox

Loparo: Is there even a #javascript?

Hankey: Laserco: no it’s permanently forwarded to this channel

Hankey: As far as I know all of the #project channels that decided to move to ##project during the great renaming are all just auto forwarded

Hankey: At the time the intention was this would allow whoever owned the project name to take posession of the ‘authoritative’ channel name, with a single #

Goick: Chowder, was looking at it and honestly don’t know. If I can make a friendly tip, trying to swap over all your onclick=”” to addEventListener. It’s the standard way to go about it these days.

Apuzzo: Chowder, only thing I could see is on line 41. you have a a stray: !game.xTurn; which is evaluated then thrown away since it’s not set to anything.

Mccutchan: Chowder, sorry but i gotta run. best of luck

Lavee: Buu should move to ###javascript

Obert: Get ahead of the trend

Hankey: It could be based on the number of users

Hankey: You level up and get a new #

Menhennett: Can anyone else help me figure out why firefox complains that my update function isn’t defined?

Kime: Chowder: wheres the code?

Alward: Laserco: lol, sorry, my brain is absent of caffeine.

Laneve: Did you just tag yourself?

Nowlin: Hahaha im at a coffee shop now

Rushdan: I’m at work but the day is going slow. No new build requests. Nothing to do.

Rux: Chowder: I don’t get that error

Dames: Lewix: click on the divs

Burse: It’s because update’s being called from the onclick attribute

Lerner: Laserco: I thought that was the way to do it. When I comment everything out and leave an update function that does something trivial like call alert everything works just fine. After a while it stops working.

Hutten: Laserco: what would be the proper way to do it? Its meant to be a tic tac toe game so I want the update function to be called every time someone clicks a div. The id of the div then gets p***ed and if its X’s turn then the background image attribute is set to be a picture of an X. So on and so forth.

Helle: Chowder: I’m thinking an addEventListener would be better

Gidcumb: Chowder: I’ll show you

Israel: Laserco: right. someone else recommended that. I’ve just no idea how to do it. And thanks in advance for your help. Same for everyone else.

Barninger: Got damn gulp, what a mess of a build system