Giving banks credit is.

Keitsock: That’s still not perfect but your backend’s validation should catch any bad input anyway

Counceller: I want to get the values of the keys in the a array

Counceller: I’m not sure how to write it

Keitsock: C0nundrum: don’t ask if anyone’s familiar with typeahead. just ask your question about typeahead

Keitsock: Your question may not even be typeahead-specific

Gerrero: C0nundrum: Don’t ask to ask, nor if anyone is here or alive or uses something. Just ask your question.

Menist: Keitsock: e.preventDefault . lemme try that

Peelman: I’m wondering if what i’m doing here is effcient for have objects grouped in a typeahead ?

Weigand: Anyone looking at it ?

Sheltra: Is better soft e micro o micro e soft

Aceret: I like that Microsoft sued a Mike Row for registering, his legit webdev company

Bloom: It now redirects

Jaqua: I think he got an xbox out of it though

Keitsock: Just got a warning about malware for that first link

Keitsock: Second link redirects to

Scolieri: Http:// also redirects to

Bradey: I think eventually, -everything- redirects there

Keitsock: The first link, without the e, gives a malware warning

Daise: Oh, I did not scroll up

Keitsock: The second link you posted I’m talking about

Kleiman: I completely forgot I posted that here, too

Suddoth: Sorry for that first link, typo

Alcantas: My bank gifted me a helium balloon

Draughn: You have all this money and I have all this lack of money and as a gift you decide to waste more of the already rare helium and ship it to me inside a nearly empty box that took up 1/8th the space available in the fedex truck

Bongartz: Hi, I have this form: I would like to know if there’s any way that I can replace that specific value 999999.99999 with NA and how can I do it?

Jalbert: Consider yourself lucky – they usually just give me a tree’s worth of paper

Kuklenski: Can anyone recommend a preferably JSON based database system? Read and write

Granbois: That depends entirely on what you’re using it for

Jalbert: SmashingX: uh, you just change the value attribute to value=”NA”

Granbois: Disalvi wait, they sent you a box, with a balloon in it?

Keitsock: SmashingX: ***uming you mean programmatically, you can look up the node use do***ent.querySelector and then set its .value attribute

Gerrero: SmashingX: Do***ent.querySelector – Web API Interfaces MDN***ent/querySelector

Resnikoff: Granbois: me? I’m making a racing/speed running bot and need to save games, times, etc {name: x, game: x, time: x} etc

Granbois: Disalvi send it back full of ****

Keitsock: SmashingX: you can read the .value first to see if it’s the specific value you wish to replace

Granbois: Or fill the balloon with hydrogen and sent it back

Granbois: No, dont do that, that’s terrorism

Phothirath: I reminded me that somewhere, may it be in a forgotten database managed by a smelly 85 year old woman, I still exist

Blausey: And I still mattered for the split second it took to print an address on this box

Rezac: I am not forgotten; some birthday reminder script written by a 13 year old knew I’ve reached yet another meaningless milestone in my life. It knew, and it cared.

Fierros: Pendulum give banks some credit; it was probably the owners kid

Gaiser: Keitsock: that’s something I don’t know how to do

Widmar: Giving banks credit is kinda what I employ them for