Gillice: i am making a.

Bergsjo: Woelfel, I told you that 3 hours ago

Woelfel: Yansanmo: oh, now I found out the full meaning of this

Mate: Woelfel: string ‘$$$$’

Bertman: ULT, first put $’inputname=”option52″:checked’.val inside a variable

Blose: Good point than it will be alot more readable.

Butaud: And i can maybe do some stuff with $.inArray

Cuna: Var what = “$$$$”; “$$$$ $$$$”.replaceRegExp’$$$$’, ‘g’, function { return what; }

Mate: Yansanmo: string ‘$$$$ $$$$’

Clayborne: Var what = “$$$$”; “$$!$ $$!$”.replaceRegExp’$$!$’, ‘g’, function { return what; }

Mate: Yansanmo: string ‘$$$$ $$$$’

Cockley: Woelfel, if you use a function, you don’t have to escape the second argument

Belken: Yansanmo, than I get this:

Llerena: Should you use .inArray or is this quick enough?

Phann: Not about if it’s faster, it’s about if you can easily understand/update it

Woelfel: One thing though, I tried it before using replace on the replace string what irony:

Woelfel: Return str.replace/$/g, ‘$$$$’;

Woelfel: I had to specify it 4 times

Woelfel: I try to reduce the number of possible numbers until I find the final gap in my computer, satan itself, torturing me

Pleau: Oke, what do you prefer? This is for me very easy readable. im a nubbie.

Semonick: Woelfel, what is the value of ‘$’ ?

Petalcu: I have finished learning basics of javascript from some sites and books, now whats next i heard learining frameworks are helpfull but i didnt get the idea of it, and what type of frame work shoud i learn as i see jQuery is mostly used

Woelfel: So what becomes $ then

Woelfel: Why is n not treated as $ and $ becoming something special?

Dorosan: Woelfel, because of the specs

Woelfel: Why do I have to use at all for $ in a string?

Woelfel: Why do I have to escape $ ?

Woelfel: But why 4 times $ on the right side?

Soberanis: Woelfel, what did I said 4 hours ago ?

Kalkman: Because of the docs that I linked you to earlier hashtag

Rux: Yansanmo: it would help if you’re not rude

Woelfel: The replacement string

Mate: Woelfel: String.prototype.replace – JavaScript MDN

Brisson: The more $ the stronger it is

Woelfel: I know, two $ for one $

Hynum: I say, go with five or six

Woelfel: So it is exponentially then

Setzler: Woelfel, computer respect rules, follow them or die

Nicolas: It becomes a superstring

Apadoca: And embodies all types

Kalinoski: Superstrings are forbidden javascript

Cillis: Some leagues prohibit them in tournament play

Kalinoski: Pachet you should be banned for speaking of them

Donate: Anyone can answer me?

Starchman: Daniman start working with the dom

Goodwin: Pachet: anyplace to learn it

Winsett: I’m not sure if jQuery really qualifies as a framework

Praylow: To be specific

Erber: It’s more of a toolkit

Unsell: Daniman: the easiest way to get the hang of it ime is to think of something you want to make

Davila: And you learn what’s necessary to get there while seeing results you care about

Kannard: Daniman just try to build some simple webpages that use javascript to manipulate the do***ent after it loads

Hribal: Gillice: i am making a forum, and i really need it to be more dynamic