GetFullYear is what you.

Malvern: How can I extract a certain number of words from a string?

Mate: Ankr: object ‘hello’, ‘world’, ‘this’

Gentleman: Ozd: standard in ES5, so, since 2009. In IE 9 and later.

Debarr: Ankr: thanks. I will use your snippet

Kotzen: Does js have scopes where-ever you want them? like function f { var i=0; { var j=2; } j not defined here } ?

Nishio: No. var is function scoped

Zerba: Hello can someone help here with “Uncaught ReferenceError: stage is not defined” html:23 please

Piske: Thebatu1: because it isn’t defined

Piske: Javascript with vars has function scope, when you define something inside a function it’s only for that function unless you p*** it on

Pacek: Piske, so you are saying that the fact I use var stage to instanciate a stag, complicates function call ?

Seabaugh: Var stage is only available in the scope of function init

Kinlecheeny: Fuction tick knows of no such ‘stage’ :

Mcwatters: Can I do init.stage.update N

Canslor: Can I do init.stage.update ?

Mischel: I don’t think so but if you can that would be awesome, try it!

Stone: Ive always been told to avoid global variables at all cost so there must be a way to use the between functions

Mccaghren: Where do your ticks start?

Piske: Of course there is Tennis, you p*** variables between functions

Mergist: Well if I do it. it gives this msg err: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘update’ of undefined. I guess init is not defined and u cant read something out of undefinied

Piske: Thebatu1: for now, just move tick up to be inside init

Hanifan: You could p*** the stage into your tick

Diskin: Piske, it looks like an external library is running the tick

Korineck: You’d need to register stage to the createjs somehow?

Mehaffey: Or create a “godcl***”

Holsing: Piske, if I move function tick inside the init function it works!

Christoff: Hello again, I do this for a mysql request: Is thsi a good was and is it a good idea to call a JS Function out of the sucess answer?

Weispfenning: Oh duh that makes sense

Kratofil: Adding the event listener tick doesn’t add the tick with the right scope

Gillmer: Until you move it into init

Depa: That is strange becuase I am following the createJS creator video and he does not have function tick inside the function init but it works with him!

Hallahan: Either i am high or something is wrong

Speir: Either you’ve missed some context or the video has a mistake.

Higa: Thebatu1, does he do the same thing you do with the stage?

Nestle: Or does he move the stage declaration outside of init?

Strawberry: Http://

Piske: Thebatu1: they declare stage outside of init

Piske: It’s in the global scope there

Shull: How can they declare it outside init ? the stage is inside the curly braces {}. I dont get it

Pellegrini: Piske, yes, but line 8 is indie of the function init{

Piske: Init doesn’t start til line 10

Felmet: Ahh yes. darn silly me. thanks :

Saban: How would I go on to p**** a german date on its validity

Gawel: In a stackoverflow thread i found this line starttime === d.getDate+’.’+d.getMonth+1+’.’+d.getYear

Demetris: Which is actually what I want, just d.getYear returns a weird number 115 for 2015

Mate: GreenJello: number 115

Mate: GreenJello: number 2015

Shorty: Its from 1900 it sounds like

Almaguer: GetFullYear is what you want