Even such an ubiquitous.

Pollan: Really weird. http://imgur.com/IJ6rWXY

Haberle: Is that a chrome bug ?

Nicolaisen: I don’t think I have a task running in background setting the style value

Pasco: Even if I do this.style= “”; this; in console I still have the style set

Kotzen: I’ve decide just to draw some text. new problem the text is upside down cause the whole canvas gets rotated much later in the pipeline. i suppose i need to just rotate the text in the opposite direction

Pasko: Meithal: does it change its apearence on the actual page?

Shutte: No it’s how I noticed it

Madill: Then if I do this.style.color = “red” and this, the color doesnt change

Meiers: But if I do this.style, I see “red” in the color property

Starck: Meithal: can you recreate a minimal example of it on a jsfiddle?

Shonkwiler: Also are you sure that this your code refers to and the thing on the page are the same element?

Hasegawa: Deniska, https://jsfiddle.net/f557bLq4/1/

Ocamb: I wonder how tough it would be implementing getElementsByCl***Name from scratch and *recursively* ?

Britcher: Meithal: in firefox it behaves as expected it seems

Grondahl: Deniska, indeed it’s a weird webkit bug then.

Graddy: RonRichie, doesnt it already select everything on the do***ent?

Norkaitis: Meithal yeah it does, I know it already exists, the point is that it’s a pre-course ***ignment and they want me to re-implement it from scratch and do so with recursive way

Tortoriello: Some teaching material is bad and even dangerous to be used as a teaching material

Lenis: RonRichie, I’d just grep the whole do***ent without worrying about tree climbing and pop all the elements

Foriest: Meithal and not only getElementsByCl***Name but as well as stringyJSON and p****JSON

Smillie: Since the result is a 1 dimension array

Behmer: Meithal well, I only have like 4 months of experience and even doing that is challanging for me: I need to learn how to do what you just said

Froyd: RonRichie: pseudocode function by_cl***element, cl*** { out = ; if element.cl*** == cl*** {out.pushelement}; for subelement in element out += by_cl***element, cl*** }

Bitah: Deniska, can you confirm it doesn’t work on webkit?

Sinrich: Thanks for heads up though : Im about to go through code academys recursive course see how that might help

Demonbreun: Meithal: chromium, doesn’t work

Kassulke: Meithal: li is still green =

Bailer: Deniska cute : let me take a deeper look in it, thanks for that

Gunselman: How can i link front end js and nodejs?

Stachowicz: Django__: what do you mean by “link”?

Finey: Deniska: in my node file i have var data = ; i wanna be able to add data through the browser

Fruchter: I can write some angulat script that does that

Prugh: Which would be on the front end

Grosbier: Django__: then you probably need an http server on a node end

Macchione: Deniska: node myfile.js isnt that a server?

Lehnherr: Django__: and then you can use XHR to move data around or just old boring form posting

Ebbers: Django__: if you explicitly make it a server, for example using some sort of framework like express

Landro: Hm… you have a bit of a mess in your head =

Hord: Wamp stands for windows apache mysql php

Lim: And node is neither of those things =

Picket: Windows apache mysql node?

Lacharite: Expressjs is what pops first for me when I enter “node web framework” in google

Journell: I had a brief look on express some time ago and they are too literal about it being “a micro framework”

Sweatt: Even such an ubiquitous task as decoding form data is in a plugin you need to explicitly Schooling =