Hebda: Specifically, what happens in FF is the cursor doesn’t even turn to a hand, and nothing happens when I click a button

Hashem: Gilgameshkun, because i thought it might be that. sorry if it ain’t

Dellosso: Isn’t do***ent.all a non-standard IE only property?

Dellosso: That’s been depricated

Sterbenz: But it works in chrome

Semel: Other deprecated stuff doesn’t, but the buttons do

Meinershagen: And actually, it gets weirder

Zimmerebner: The page consists of two frames, and I can trick the webapp into loading only one of them

Ullmann: THEN the buttons all work!

Maruffo: Probably because the whole parent frames thing is moot

Almaguer: Another false positive, this time from Shazam. :

Bacerra: More false positives.

Straight: Dellosso: do***ent.all works most places and is hugely deprecated. don’t use it.

Pepito: Straight: I wish it was up to me.

Straight: RedAero: if you’re writing the code, it’s up to you. otherwise, why did they hire you

Knutson: Straight: As of right now, this webapp has more bugs than functions, and I had no hand in writing it

Straight: If it uses do***ent.all and frames, it’s going to only break more. it likely needs to be rewritten.

Sprvill: I’m just trying to make my menial job easier

Szwejbka: The data inputs are all unsanitized

Helgren: I told them 4 months ago

Ellamar: The funny thing is the very reason it’s secure is its ****tyness

Ciullo: If it were well-written, this would have been a 15-minute job

Hoffmeyer: As it is, this is my 4th day running into brick walls

Shaud: IE has ridiculous backwards compatibility of course

Straight: IE 9 and 10 will stop getting support faster than IE 8, most likely

Frenz: That’s Microsoft’s only claim to fame

Straight: Given that they all have auto updates, and why aren’t you on edge already

Pou: I’ll be really embarr***ed if it turns out that song I’m trying to identify was just something random that played on the Weather Channel.

Debray: Eh, IT can just turn auto-updates off

Straight: Yeah, nothing like intentionally sticking yourself in the stone age

Grueninger: Which they will, over re-writing their system

Dominicus: Ffs this still uses frames, it’s well into the stone age

Straight: The cost of a rewrite is dwarfed by the long term cost of long term maintenance of crap ¯_ツ_/¯

Straight: Even hiring web devs that understand both old and new patterns well enough to not make it worse – that’s expensive too

Straight: And more so over time

Straight: Anyways not your call apparently, but it’s still ridiculous

Smouse: This entire company is trying to build a castle out of nothing but ****

Cochrum: The penny-pinching is running it into the ground

Hilston: Any clue how I could force Firefox’s “Show only this frame” option through JavaScript?

Sowerby: If that’s at all possible

Tlumacki: RedAero: Probably not possible?

Straight: It’s just navigating the top window to the url of a specific frame. you can do it, as long as all the frames are on the same domain.

Coutermarsh: This is using selenium, and the problem is if I just use .getURL, the webapp logs me out

Mabus: I don’t know how or why, probably some stupid security measure

Fulk: How FF gets past it sometimes is beyond me, but it does so reliably if I do it in a specific way

Beckers: I want to change the background-color of two strings in firefox with greasemonkey

Atkins: Do***ent.body.innerHTML= do***ent.body.innerHTML.replace/Basel/g, functionm{ return ‘span style=”background-color:lightgreen”‘+m+’/span’ };