Developer818: For help, ask.

Amiot: Hmm. I haven’t learned anything about event listeners yet.

Hair: This I will stick to basic validation for this week just to check if a field is blank lol

Klaiber: That’s the best way now

Delnero: Well basically I want the submit to check name is not blank as you seen in the fiddle, but eventually I want to to confirm email address format.

Klaiber: Input type=”text” name=”name” required=”required” /

Scarsdale: Well, you ucan have all the logic in one handler

Mcculloch: There’s no need to have multiple click events for that

Klaiber: Type=”email” will check the format, required will check if it’s not blank

Lent: Ah. and input type=”tel” for number. So it will self check, not even using javascript?

Nelsen: There’s a telephone type for inputs?

Klaiber: Https://

Clum: Welp xD i need to check that again

Kovarovic: Manross, lol! I taught someone something. !

Theunissen: Ok so Klaiber, having the type set, and required will check for format and blank information. The onclick will launch the Javascript validation with is kind of repetative isn’t it?

Parish: So. this is what it says in the requirement for this ***ignment. “The form must be validated using HTML5 required, pattern, and maxlength attributes. You also need to incorporate JavaScriptĀ® validation into the form.”

Wybenga: So I am forced to do both. fml lol

Younkins: Klaiber, thanks for the help. Closing it up for tonight. Ill work more on this validation stuff tomorrow

Bautiste: Http://

Bautiste: I am trying to write this function i can get everything to work except the sound to play

Klaiber: Bautiste, there is an error at 11

Bautiste: Ya how do i put the var into the function there

Klaiber: There is no var in your code

Bautiste: There is one called book that is defined dynamicly

Bautiste: Http://

Klaiber: You didn’t fix the error

Bautiste: Http://

Klaiber: Your line 11, in the first paste : $’.herocontent1’slideShow — missing dot

Bautiste: Ok now that is fixed how do i get the playWord function to work there

Klaiber: I don’t see any playWord function

Bautiste: Https://

Klaiber: Jq.fadeInfadeIn.delaydelay.fadeOutfadeOut.queuefunction { soundManager.playplayWord;; $this.dequeue ;}

Bautiste: The id of each div being shown is the same as the variable that is defined

Klaiber: Instead of playWord in line 129

Klaiber: Not sure what “this” is for dequeue

Entz: Where art thou Valentia?

Harnden: Hi. ; i am learning from this. can i put the both block of codes in one singel notepad and then save it as .html and run it ? thanks

Okelberry: By dequeue do you mean the accessibility group?

Bautiste: Var id = $this.closest’div.pane’.attr’id’;

Bautiste: Will that get me the div that is currently being shown ?

Klaiber: Did you try what I said?

Klaiber: Strange, the definition of queue doesn’t have queuecallback

Woodand: Developer818: Error: how can I make my #putrx button .show if the form has errors and .hide if there are no errors? is not a command.

Romanski: How can I make my #putrx button .show if the form has errors and .hide if there are no errors?

Woodand: Developer818: For help, ask your question. Be patient. Code samples should be pasted in a paste service see !paste. Tell us 1 what you want to happen, 2 what is actually happening, and 3 any error messages you find see !describe and !debug.