Definity: what’s that.

Sanner: Object.createnull – that returns a completely blank and prototype-less object, right? It has no toString, hasOwnProperty, etc.?

Tesar: Object.createnull.toString

Wakley: Tcsc: TypeError: Object.createnull.toString is not a function

Withey: Never really thought about that part

Frum: Object.createnull.hasOwnProperty

Wakley: Gilgameshkun: undefined

Malet: Object.createnull.length

Wakley: Gilgameshkun: undefined

Edde: Gilgameshkun: yes, it doesn’t even have a magical .__proto__

Loxtercamp: Object.createnull.__proto__

Wakley: Gilgameshkun: undefined

Kame: Var a = Object.createnull; a.__proto__ = { foo: 1 };

Bustinza: Var a = {}; a.__proto__ = { foo: 1 };

Karry: Var a = Object.createnull; Object.setPrototypeOfa, { foo: 1 };

Wakley: Tcsc: TypeError: Object.setPrototypeOf is not a function

Wiktor: And uses an ancient SpiderMonkey version

Martins: Anyone here familiar with ghost?

Aerni: Yeah. they’re scary, translucent and ****.

Ronsini: People excrete ghosts?

Bidlack: No, sorry. haven’t tried it yet.

Wernert: They always think they can get away with it. good thing for those meddling kids

Conville: Wah— they’re cute :

Minato: Not tht type, the type your thinking of does not exist

Maita: In Japanse myth, kappa steal people’s souls through their ****.so I guess ghosts *are* ****.

Ostrye: Anyway, enough of that.

Skursky: Rcyr:

Highbaugh: Definity: I haven’t tried the “cms/blog” yet

Swallows: Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptorObject.prototype, “__proto__”

Wakley: Reddekopp: object {configurable: false, enumerable: false, value: null, writable: true}

Couey: That at least beats the version of node I have installed on my system.

Desautels: Another japanese myth is th wewe – a female ghost with drooping breasts

Teodoro: Gilgameshkun: that’s…

Shewchuk: Ee? “we” is an obsolete kana.

Chiang: Well im trying to figure out why a file isnt loading, im using jquery load method

Cavaleri: Var a = Object.createnull; Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptorObject.prototype, “__proto__”.set.calla, { foo: 1 };;

Wakley: Reddekopp: TypeError: Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptorObject.prototype, “__proto__”.set is undefined

Bartnick: Definity: doesn’t Ghost have an discussion channel?

Elquist: I think that should be a valid way to do it in ES6.

Malinky: You’d probably have more luck there

Allenson: Don’t need setPrototypeOf

Wakley: Reddekopp: object true, true

Borucki: Where is usually the best place to do data validation in a rest api? on the route, model, both?

Walk: That first result is invalid for ES6.

Ivester: Hi Μαξδάμαντε.

Wernert: Robo7: the model is an internal api and should do internal validation. that is likely going to result in incomprehensible error messages for external users, so the route might also have to do it

Wernert: Robo7: indeed the model and route might have different ideas of what valid data is

Sonnenfeld: Robo7: nearest where you’re taking that data in. The less time unvalidated data roams through your program, the better

Wernert: Yes. keep the border of your data secure

Fenniman: Actually, I can type µ at least.

Biros: Http:// can u see the 404 i get, yet you can see it in the right directory i think. i think my js is right

Wernert: Definity: what’s that ***ets directory?