Dash: Scripting engine.

Hokkanen: Zap0: why not change it to .js?

Klaiber: Only if the count-data.js returns something in “counts”

Fegley: Klaiber: i’m confused, can you elaborate? what is needed to make it work?

Klaiber: They talk about it: Note: This requires having set a Disqus identifier on the comment threads themselves. Typically this is done using the disqus_identifier variable. See our JavaScript configuration variables for implementation steps.

Furer: Hi team, all the commonjs, requirejs, amd and es6 modules look very confusing

Furer: What’s the current status? which one should i use?

Waren: This gets the img src, var imgSource = opts.sourceobj.groupobj.index; how can i get the img id?

Cevallos: Furer: just use Node modules, with something like Browserify or WebPack

Harriott: Furer: there’s no reason to use ES6 modules. And require.js is dead.

Furer: Neonakis: require.js is dead? currently how are people going to load module async in browser?

Leydecker: Furer: AMD. AMD is the format, require.js is one implementation of it.

Boggiano: Furer: many tools to generate AMD from Node modules, if you want. But usually, “asynchronous loading” is just a bad idea

Heynen: Because the HTTP latency is going to make thing slower

Parmar: Specially in mobile devices

Furer: Neonakis: then is es6 module the future?

Furer: Neonakis: i mean it’s going to be standard, right?

Troidl: Furer: unlikely, but we’ll see.

Furer: Neonakis: I thought anything goes to ES6 will become implemented in browser one day

Furer: Neonakis: but seems that’s uncertain?

Rozek: Furer: ES6 modules are second-cl***, and technically inferior in every-which-way if you compare to existing Node modules. Node modules are more ubiquitous, have a huge ecosystem, and more powerful. It’s unlikely that people will start ditching Node modules to write ES6 ones.

Iannelli: Furer: things being implemented in the browser don’t mean they’ll get used.

Coolbaugh: Furer: ES6 modules still need to be compiled if you want to transfer them efficiently, because otherwise you get the same HTTP latency problem.

Zinzow: And that makes them more awkward to use than Node modules.

Furer: Neonakis: Right now, if my app uses reactjs, I need to include that in my bundle.js. But is there a way to load reactjs from cdn and then ‘require’ it in my code.

Furer: Neonakis: in this way, bundle.js will be much smaller

Grauberger: Furer: you can do anything. But why would you care about that?

Furer: Neonakis: becaues it takes long to load this large bundle.js, but if react.js is loaded from cdn, then it’s cached

Furer: Neonakis: and right now, I don’t have a way to cdn my bundle.js and I am developing it so it changes constantly

Szufat: Furer: it’s going to take the same amount of time for any first user, and the same amount of time for any subsequent user

Bartone: How do i get the id of an anchor?

Furer: Neonakis: yes, i guess i’m just curious how to let user cache reactjs while I can still use it without polluting global space

Furer: Neonakis: it’s less about pratical

Elroy: Hey guys how would one resize a window automatically to fit the content in my case a periodic table.

Oliphant: Is there a general reason that things sometimes stick to the edge of the screen when doing edge detection ? As in – it should reflect away from the edge, but after a few reflections it sticks

Rentie: And not consistently either, sometimes it’ll bounce about for a while

Mikos: Are there any frameworks for an embedded scripting language inside javascript?

Robben: Why would you want that?

Fritzpatrick: Rou: depends on what you want to do exactly

Fritzpatrick: Rou: what’s this for?

Mikos: Dash: Scripting engine inside a web-based game.