Can they search the messages.

Gothard: Keavon: typo: return servers.channels

Krenke: Rizor: it uses it to designate variables. But let $a + $b = match $a, $b with $a’ :: $a”, $b’ :: $b” = $a’ + $b’ + $a” + $b” . end has different semantics for them depending on the position.

Hey: Keavon: return server.channels

Adloff: So $a may be declaration in a formal parameter list, a bind-all in a pattern match, or a dereference of the $a name.

Raxter: Duke: That worked, thanks!

Finken: Ok so now i get now errors but the actual function isn’t working

Dalka: Duke: How can I also get a property from the server that contains the selected channel?

Nishida: For example the server’s name property as seen in the full JSON paste

Gattuso: Nevermind, figured it out :

Tiller: Http://

Hertzog: I am getting no errors its now just not working

Harnly: Krambal, reproduce in a fiddle

Starmer: Tcsc: never really appealed to me

Fine: Keavon: by saving it to a variable, presumably

Feerick: Never played games growing up?

Romulus: I have a set of tabs, one for each discussion channel. When you go to another tab, would it be better to save the entire innerHTML of the discussion channel text to a JS variable, to hide the DIV, or to regenerate all the content from an array of messages when you switch back to that tab?

Deforge: The fastest will be to just hide the channel

Romar: Keavon: ew to the first

Schiesher: Okay, and I’d have one div for each channel and all but the active one are hidden?

Romar: I can tell you that the second – hiding the channel – is how does it though

Romar: Actually, get a free account on and just look at how they do things

Soplop: I’ll give that a try.

Dowst: And when a message appears in a different channel, should I append that to the hidden DIV or save it and append it when you go to that tab?

Mascall: I’d append it immediately

Freudenburg: Probably easier that way.

Romar: Keavon: once again, see irccloud :v they do the first

Milkey: But if you’re treating the window as a view of messages, it’s probably better to do something a little less direct

Letcher: As opposed to a stream

Brinsfield: But if there’s a lot of really active channels that you’re not looking them, it might be performance heavy to be constantly updating them all in the background even when you’re not looking at them.

Jucean: In that case you’d want the messages to be in some structure and to sync it with the DOM

Leck: And it’d be silly to aggresively sync it anywhere but the active window

Burdick: So then i can see the approach of waiting until they select the tab

Rubash: Https://

Pae: Keavon: are you sure? did you test the performance of it?

Parr: I guess I’ll do the more direct option of appending immediately for now and change it if performance actually becomes a problem.

Hocate: The more i think about it the more i like tabs as virtual, otherwise you’ll be a doing a ton of unnecessary work, or b incur the complexity of different syncing schemes

Carrara: Pae: Nope, haven’t tested it, just thinking ahead. I guess I should take action when/if it is a problem instead of taking “Pae”

Bretos: Https://

Pae: Keavon: premature optimization is the root of all evil.

Milelr: The supported views have implications for your data sometimes Keavon so it’s worth thinking about

Oltman: I.e. can users scroll back in history? how far back? etc

Krasley: Duke: what do you mean by that?

Solorio: Can they search the messages? like /lastlog in irssi