Can someone tell me how to.

Yglesias: Boogymanx: which browser?

Blackmon: Boogymanx: on example you gave it fires only once.

Tichenor: Yeah I’m looking at the source HTML generated by the framework I’m using and for some reason the script is loaded twice even though I’ve only defined it once

Hiestand: Johnsnow: I found the issue, it wasn’t JS-related

Tigar: Boogymanx: I don’t care.

Tooms: Empathy at an all-time low?

Malakowsky: Can anyone recommend a resource for a beginner?

Konopacki: Lexicade: !eloquent, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan, High Performance JavaScript by Nicholas C. Zakas, Effective JavaScript by David Herman, Functional JavaScript by Michael Fogus, Programming JavaScript Applications

Schremp: Not sure if it is suited for total beginners though

Gonzolez: Ive just hit an issue with something im putting together that I want Javascript for, and everythign im reading online looks like heiroglyphs 😛

Guenin: Hey. Maybe this isn’t the best place to ask this, but if I want to dynamically update a part of an h2 element, is there some element I can use within the h2? My IDE says div isn’t supposed to be used that way.

Schnader: Guenin: you tried span?

Guenin: Thanks, I’ll try span

Guenin: Yeah, it doesn’t complain about span. Thanks yansanmo and Sharaal

Rohwer: Is there any way i could run javascript codes on my android device. something like – ; i tried to copy paste but only HTML elements are seen. it seems the javascript code is not running on mobile

Burlin: Smgs: works on mobile for sure, probably jsfiddle and jsbin as well

Rohwer: Burlin is a website ?

Nored: Is this an acceptable level of complexity for a .rc type file if I allow JSON as a fallback?

Nored: Http://

Burlin: Yes, it’s my favorite of the ones i listed

Burlin: Click ‘new pen’ when you get there

Hadaway: If javascript didn’t work on android/smart phone, you couldn’t see most of today website

Rohwer: Burlin actually i want something that is not internet dependent

Burlin: Isn’t the think that you listed?

Rohwer: Yansanmo i want to run it like you run an application or something. that is i make a code and it runs offline. possible ?

Rohwer: Offline particularly.

Burlin: There are mobile app frameworks such as titanium which allow you to build javascript-based apps for android

Burlin: I don’t know of any off the top of my head

Burlin: That is, i don’t know of any that are web pages you can load once and then use eval or w/e to run the javascript

Bidle: React-native will soon be available for android

Tumulty: Bidle: if by “soon” you mean “if facebook announces it, until when there is no ETA whatsoever”

Bidle: Tumulty: :v

Tumulty: Bidle: lol so according to that random blog post, it’s 3 weeks away, but i’m skeptical

Bidle: Tumulty: that’s an official fb post

Bidle: But yes, i am also skeptical, there’s been no further news since then

Bidle: Other than to refer people back to that blog post anyway

Nored: While you guys are excited about react native. I patiently wait another year for wasm

Tumulty: Nored: “another”? it’s only been announced for like a month and a half

Tumulty: Nored: and it’s *years* away at least, so don’t hold your breath :-

Elrod: Wonder if someone can help me. I have some fields in my form that are supposed to be grouped together. These fields are named so: groupsGROUP_IDFIELD_NAME

Mcfeely: Can someone tell me how to slice that string up such that I can grab the group ID and the fieldname out of there?