Buu: ita software ran all.

Trucchi: But I for one welcome our new ES6 masters

Straight: Trucchi: when symbols exist, it uses Symbol.iterator of course

Trucchi: Just curious what you’re doing for the fallback in there

Trucchi: Guess I should just look

Straight: Otherwise, we use some gnarly string with underscores and spaces so it doesn’t show up in console autocomplete

Straight: If no browser had ever natively shipped the string, then we’d probably just use that internally

Trucchi: You do some gnarly stuff, yes

Straight: Trucchi: only when it’s natively supported, yes.

Trucchi: Or monkeypatched by another lib, looks like

Trucchi: That makes sense though

Trucchi: It’s a common convention but not a universal one

Trucchi: So you basically see if it’s been adopted and then follow suit if so

Trucchi: That’s nifty – makes Array.from and such pretty flexible

Fumagalli: Buu, does ES6’s for item of arr satisfy your syntax preferences? And array comprehensions instead of map.

Trucchi: Personally I find array comprehensions beyond very simple ones to be pretty tough on the eyes

Trucchi: I also like map because you can abstract it to so many different things

Usman: Array comprehensions?

Fumagalli: I agree they are ugly Trucchi, and coffeescript and scala’s are no better!

Trucchi: Usman: for thing of things if thing moarThings thing

Trucchi: Basically a for of expression whose result on every p*** ends up aggregated into an array

Fumagalli: I would like something like this: x in arr funcx I’m sure I’ve seen a language that does that ish

Trucchi: That syntax is already spoken for in js though

Linzie: How is that better than map func arr

Fumagalli: It’s not, it was a poor example. funcx could be a more complex expression

Usman: Trucchi: is that es6?

Fumagalli: Yeah python looks good; opposite way round from my proposal though. IDIOTS!

Linzie: Fumagalli: Er, how does that change my example?

Trucchi: Usman: yarr. I think it’s on mdn, let’s see.

Wakley: Trucchi: Array comprehensions – JavaScript MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Operators/Array_comprehensions

Fumagalli: Buu, x in arr funcx + barx

Usman: Oh ok that’s kinda neat

Usman: It smells like perl though

Linzie: Fumagalli: map { funcx + barx } arr

Trucchi: It’s a nice option but of course you lose composability

Trucchi: Which, for maps, is a nice thing to have

Linzie: This is why perl is always better.

Fumagalli: Buu, is that in an existing language?

Linzie: Fumagalli: yes. perl.

Fumagalli: It has some nice bits then :

Usman: I spent 3 years writing perl and still have only scratched the surface

Fumagalli: I like haskell, but i hear lisps are the most powerful languages. i wonder if they can be merged somehow. seems like a long shot

Linzie: Lisp is powerful in the same way that having a folding knife in a forest is. sure you could theoretically build new york with it, but.

Jeffress: Fumagalli: es6 has everything valuable from lisp

Gershkovich: Dash: i suppose you hate macros

Jeffress: Gershkovich: what’s it missing

Jeffress: I think macros are a bad choice for high-level languages

Linzie: I want to know if there’s more than 10 actual real world projects made of lisp

Jeffress: But if you really love them go get sweet.js

Usman: No need to necessarily build them into the language

Jeffress: Buu: ita software ran all their airline ticket price stuff on common lisp