Buu: but you’re still.

Foulkes: Buu: Well, I am using the html5sortable in the Fiddle, yes. But you’re saying I should rather include it in a script tag?

Carsten: Sorry for the confusing alertdrop though.

Ortelli: I learned something new about jsfiddle

Poepping: Buu: but, what’s a better approach here: A incorporate a check in the “drop”-part of html5sortable, to check if dropped within trash – remove. Or, B add that drop-to-delete as separate jQuery/Javascript

Ortelli: Is there some reason you aren’t just using jquery ui

Duplechin: Preferrably, I’d think B, since it’s maybe not so smart to mess with an existing plugin ;

Lundie: Previously, I was searching for a way to make a ol draggable, and I came across http://farhadi.ir/projects/html5sortable/, where the author says: Why another sortable plugin? Because it’s better.

Rippentrop: Buu: you’re recommending to ditch the plugin, use the UI and do this all from “scratch”?

Ortelli: Ok something is being dumb one sec

Petrochello: Anyone with good knowledge of through2 or nodejs streams+

Edde: I have highwatermark set to 5 and I create a stream A and pipe it to stream B and it only processed my 5 first item objectMode and the streams are transformationsstreams created using through2.obj

Coger: I remember when fatbrain.com was the PLACE to buy your books

Sanfelix: Fatbrain: btw #node.js will help

Yantzer: Nevermind, forgot to flush

Krol: Games, that’s right ;

Ortelli: Oh that’s incredibly special

Ortelli: How does this code even manage to execute without catching fire

Ortelli: Joakimk: http://jsfiddle.net/6gub27h0/2/

Surma: V8 blocks access to the catchfire routines buu

Ortelli: Joakimk: Slightly nicer version http://jsfiddle.net/Lcf3ddhu/1/

Ortelli: Nothing like spending 30 minutes debugging code because it randomly stops working if you specify a height css attribute

Santiago: Buu: wow, great stuff!

Goicoechea: So, could you please help me understand this? You changed div from id=”trash” to cl***=”trash”, and added “connectWith”

Krupiak: There were some odd bugs involving height?

Kesler: Where — in the html5sortable plugin?

Rinehardt: Hi. i’m trying to use react with Caligari-swampdragon. what backend store should i use that will easily allow me to update frontend models based on subscription channels to the backend?

Dimartino: Buu: are you not using that plugin at all, it seems? Your JSFiddle is “just” using jQuery UI?

Mccrory: I’ve seen flux, redux, reflux, .

Gately: None of these seem to talk about integrating websockets/sockjs

Ortelli: Clqire: Is this running client side?

Combs: Buu: just so I understand; did you look at the webpage for the plugin? Were there no advantages in using the plugin, over “bare bones” jQuery UI?

Ortelli: Joakimk: Uh, jquery ui isn’t bare bones, it’s the other way around

Bidle: Jquery ui is utterly m***ive

Ortelli: Joakimk: the html5plugin thing is much smaller and simpler

Bidle: Though at least you can build your own

Ortelli: And it didn’t easily show me an api that did what I needed to

Ortelli: And I didn’t feel like reverse engineering it

Ortelli: Also it was laste updated like, a year or more ago and it seems generally sketchy

Ottman: Buu: apparently someone generated one bitcoin key, sent 140 bitcoins on it, and then regenerated another key, without saving the private key for the first run

Ortelli: Clqire: oh, a past action

Peltz: Buu: i believe they didn’t close their browser

Ortelli: Thank god bitcoin is anonymous and untraceable

Shiller: Buu: but you’re still “attaching” invoking sortable on the ul. The plugin did that, too, so maybe some of the problems I was having were actually name conflicts, that the plugin collided with the jQuery UI?