But works as a intro.

Wakley: Zumba_ad_: Window.crypto – Web API Interfaces MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Window/crypto

Wakley: Schaetzle: Found: cryptography, getrandomvalues

Wakley: Schaetzle: Can I Use Web Cryptography? IE 6+ w/polyfill FF 34+ Chrome 37+ Opera 24+ Safari 3.1+ w/polyfill iOS 3.2+ w/polyfill Android 44+ Overall: 69.7% http://caniuse.com/cryptography

Lachley: Kment: I don’t know, never used it

Borkholder: Is that the same as crypto method?

Kment: I’m using it just for models and have no issue with it

Kment: But I’m replacing its views with React

Sweene: Kment: sorry, I don’t want to start a flamewar

Crater: Schaetzle: var cryptoObj = window.crypto window.msCrypto; // for IE 11

Metroka: What is it for IE 10 and below?

Marbach: At work I’m dealing only with Extjs and this thing ****s for sure

Prazma: I think we are supporting from v9 and up

Kment: Kindley: no flamewar, mostly wondering what you’ve heard

Senger: Not sure how good the polyfill is though

Litton: I’m not familiar with polyfill, would that mean I will have to write my own polyfil?

Sporle: That it is a mess and has very bad docs.

Sayre: Is it polyfill night tonight?

Halliwell: Hmm, so both ember and react need some “compilation step”

Ginnetti: In the redux docs, this https://dpaste.de/yVPG is one of the ‘seven middlewares’ presented. where is the function ‘cancel’ returned to if this is a middleware? also, is setTimeout async?

Kment: React technically doesn’t need it if you want to not use jsx

Surrell: Kindley, yes and no; you should have one because it adds a lot of value and gives you better production builds

Kment: But use jsx. it’s just better

Moose: Kindley, you can get modules webpack/browserify, es6, jsx if using react, linting, test runs on change, etc.

Wacyk: But I will have to write some gulp/grunt scripts, right?

Kment: I’ve played with gulp and grunt and less with webpack, but i’m not going back

Giff: Webpack is fantastic, but it’s a pain to learn because the docs ****

Gaye: Kindley, you don’t need anything other than webpack, or alternatively you can use gulp with browserify and other stuff

Kment: I’m gonna look at this now: https://egghead.io/lessons/javascript-intro-to-webpack

Schlett: Also check out petehunt’s webpack guide

Pantelakis: OK, thanks. But my back says enough laptop for today, so I’ll just lie down for a second

Kment: Schaetzle: why’s petehunt’s guide immediately say browserify or requirejs is needed? doesn’t webpack have that level?

Baras: It’s just saying you should be familiar with modules and build tools in general

Dozar: I wish more online do***entation had dark backgrounds. It hurts staring at white light, even with my monitor’s dimmest setting.

Kment: I’ve had the conversation and initial reports suggest the younger you are the more likely you’d want a dark background

Veroeven: But I also have grey eyes and photophobia aversion to light, not fear of light.

Depace: I get sick if I’m out in the sun for more than just a few minutes without protection.

Delatorre: Checkout the benq range of monitors with senseye 3

Thibadeau: Also print the docs out

Wisell: That ***umes I have a printer. 😛

Reaid: Go to a print shop — at might 😛

Hetjonk: There has to be at leas on 24h print shop in your town

Lasiter: Kment: webpack works very well

Kment: Enmon: yeah I’m looking at the egghead intro right now

Kosel: I personally know Kent and he did a good work

Numan: I would change some bits

Ridley: But works as a intro perfectly