But other than that, these.

Parraga: And that uses es7 async/await

Chowansky: Await in arrow function my bad

Keitsock: Oh is return acceptable inside an arrow function?

Federowicz: Yeah its needed right?

Ordiway: If i use { } in arrow

Court: Bah i dont understand this

Keitsock: Afaik it’s just = { expression }

Keitsock: Which returns the expression

Weichman: Keitsock: i think it’s = expression or = { statement }

Gerrero: Tejasmanohar: Arrow functions – JavaScript MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Functions/Arrow_functions

Willbanks: Param1, param2, paramN = { statements }

Schunemann: Param1, param2, paramN = expression

Aja: What are possible parameters we can put after !mdn?

Gandy: Is there like !mdn listAllFunctions

Boatwright: The example shows var f = = {‘use strict’; return this}; so yeah : – the auto-returning only happens w/ expressions like = . not { }

Roule: Idk but i thought it just searches and finds closest match article? just a guess

Keitsock: Look at the third example tejasmanohar

Keitsock: Multi-line, still no return

Inloes: I really learned a lot from the way Turbo Pascal 5.5yellow boot was written. Each page shows the function and explanation with a sample code and output

Keitsock: Third example under “lexical this” I mean

Madenford: Maybe they don’t wanna return? cjohnson

Starlin: They don’t _need_ to return anything there

Thoben: Tejasmanohar: only asynchronous functions may contain the “await” token. = { } isn’t an asynchronous function

Wormely: Hameen: yeah got that fixed with async = shoulda stated here, sorry

Keitsock: And yeah the example below has a return inside arrow function

Harig: You need async = { }, just like you need function* { } for yield

Krasnici: Keitsock: yeah, the original function in function { . doesnt return either

Bellantuono: Hameen: right yeah my bad

Keitsock: Hameen: maybe you can answer. when would you use the return keyword in fat arrows?

Keitsock: When you have more than a single expression?

Ghant: I thought it’s always necessary if you’re using { }

Finseth: And not just = expression

Bramasco: Keitsock: Arrow functions only return the expression when using the a = b form

Ryals: That’s what the MDN post basically says from what i see.

Garns: Which is really silly, imho

Rennell: I.e. param1, param2, paramN = { statements } param1, param2, paramN = expression

Keitsock: I would have imagined it would return the last expression

Hosford: Yeah, implicit return

Gordillo: Keitsock: people don’t want JS to be usable 😛

Tuohy: Also, return a would make so much more sense for non-local returns

Fawson: You could do cool things like: var index = 1, 2, 3.forEacha, i = { if a === 2{ return i } }, and then index === 1 would be true 😀

Kunsch: Are these equivalent? https://gist.github.com/tejasmanohar/800e50bc4e8b2538076c

Howington: Tejasmanohar: you’re missing await in the last return there.

Viray: Back, sorry – connection lost.

Namur: Are those two equivalent? they don’t seem to act equivalently. but when i walk through it i don’t see a diff

Keitsock: 10:18 Hameen tejasmanohar: you’re missing await in the last return there.

Schrunk: I need to be more careful about that

Weadon: Http://pastebin.com/yYEtvYdG

Stafford: I moved my button over

Whitelightnin: But other than that, these two are logically the same? Keitsock https://gist.github.com/tejasmanohar/800e50bc4e8b2538076c updated