But its different than.

Czapla: Er. rewrite it with a rendering library made for that?

Manche: Trucchi: prolly not built in, but seems like it would be an easy addition

Pollmann: Pun completely intended lol

Stanage: Mythros: I have explained how that works. About 20 minutes ago.

Gassler: Trucchi. I pretty much have it doing that. but for some reason, it only allows me to press equals one more time before it adds up to 9.

Zierden: Then it locks basically.

Thrailkill: I don’t really have time to do a rewrite.

Lydick: Does this look like a known issue to you? http://i.imgur.com/no8WMou.png

Sowders: Tcsc, starting over with my stuff. current problem: when i return to the page, the physics delta time is so out-of-whack, it makes all the objects go crazy. trying to find a way to pause everything when the page is tabbed away from.

Fritchey: Its not that bad code really

Trucchi: Mythros: yeah, their demo is really just the expression parsing, I don’t think it’s meant to 100% act like a calculator. But you’d be able to use the lib to achieve that

Stout: It’s just that react hates doing animations

Peightal: Pastry: what’s the issue there, specifically?

Trucchi: The hard part is the expression p****r and having precise/accurate math operations in JS, both of which math.js does

Coger: True. I just wanna know why it’s only letting me hit equals twice before locking the equals from functioning after the 2nd time.

Weiser: That’s all I wanna know.

Olarte: Zap0: you usually just handle this by saying ‘theres probably never going to be a frame that is longer than x milliseconds’ and just reset to deltaTime if that happens

Dannelley: And how to fix my current code.

Ainge: I usually use 1 second

Govea: Dekok, looks like a quite bad rendering error to me

Debarba: It also happens when retunring to the debugger

Lachowski: I will switch to the math lib, but first, I need help to fix this current bug.

Mullahy: Pastry: does that happen everywhere or just in that browser?

Sowders: Tcsc, i think i have code for that, but it’s still an issue. i’ll review it.

Pietropaolo: Dekok, just in that browser, and just recently. I can’t find any recent issues that may be applicable by googling though

Tatton: Zap0, if you really want to pause when they go away you can use the html5 visibility api.

Lefevers: Maybe someone did already stumble on it

Lappin: I had to do that once. dont really recommend it.

Sowders: Http://www.w3.org/TR/page-visibility/

Session: Its more robust than using blur

Boulds: Pastry: hmm. I’d open an issue in their bug tracker. Haven’t seen it before

Sowders: I just found it after lots of searching.

Trucchi: Mythros: can you repaste the link? Having trouble finding it

Quiver: Dekok, thanks anyway, I’ll do that at this point

Trucchi: I can take a quick look at least, but then I gotta get crackin’ on my code again ;-

Kuszlyk: Http://pastebin.com/KiA1zgHr

Sowders: Looks liek page visibility is actually fully supported on all browsers. awesome!

Arvie: This is the part I’m having trouble with ::

Sann: Http://pastebin.com/DLJSii4V

Stuchlik: Just wondering – do people here get completion in their editor for **everything** ? I mean, if you’re writing targetContext.globalCompositeOperation = ” —- would you get options for ‘destination-out’ and stuff like that?

Krakowiak: I have snippet complete in vim

Zeolla: I just want to unlock it from only being able to press equals twice.

Oberly: But symbol completion I personallyrarely enjoy =

Evensen: But its different than completion on an IDE like netbeans, where it actually KNOWS java