But it’s about the.

Gangloff: Oh, just saw you posted another one

Goedicke: Unnig it in the console

Geiszler: I was about to say the params 😀

Kalkman: Zumba_addict: one more piece I forgot, it also sets the prototype: http://jsfiddle.net/xbLf3y8s/2/

Cellio: I remember reading that using new is discouraged. Is it true?

Reaid: Really appreciate your time helping me. I wish I was near your place and I can treat you for a lunch

Kalkman: No worries : glad to help

Kalkman: New is. a little bit magic. it isn’t exactly obvious what it does, so in that sense it’s not perfect

Sulouff: Thanks too Pikul, I’ll download the video

Kalkman: Gentleman: I can never remember, is Object.create the better new? or do you do something else

Quirino: Object.create is the weird one

Luedeman: Everything on the prototype!

Kalkman: Well before setPrototypeOf, isn’t Object.create how you set the prototype?

Brombach: If you want everything on the prototype, then yea I’d use create

Kalkman: Ignoring Prototype hacks and such

Thomasson: So the article tells me I should run away from cl*** heirarchies. Is this fiddle a cl*** heirarchy? http://jsfiddle.net/dqggvjrj/2/

Progacz: I asked it earlier to Gentleman but looks like he’s not available

Simonian: I use ***ign far more often

Zaborac: More like a constructor hierarchy

Vallien: Ok. So that code pattern is ok to use?

Juart: Or is there a better/nicer way?

Kimberly: I would like to do the following:

Woodfork: 1 save the value of the width style in an element

Archiopoli: I prefer Object.create but constructors do have their advantages

Kalkman: Zumba_addict: generally, trying to force cl***es into JS is going to lead to pain

Gottlieb: 2 set the width to what I want essentially freeze the width, actually, in px

Theeman: 3 then restore the previous width

Begay: Well I avoid any sort of oo in js as much as possible

Fester: The problem is that I want to restore “100%” width

Kalkman: Zumba_addict: if you *really* do want something like cl***es, then get yourself babel, and look at ES6 cl*** keyword

Frank: And I don’t know how to get that value!

Kalkman: It’s not really a cl*** but it will take away a lot of this confusion for you

Galassi: Only by ****yzing all the stylesheets and rules :

Ordal: Which seems like overkill

Jemmings: Any way to find out whether a width was “100%” ?

Kalkman: Zumba_addict: http://www.2ality.com/2015/02/es6-cl***es-final.html

Levings: Kalkman: wasn’t really sure i was looking into cl*** heirarchy. I just asked in so how instance C will be able to inherit properties of instance A – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32643167/advanced-javascript-inheritance-is-failing-parent-parent-child

Anspach: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/324486/how-do-you-read-css-rule-values-with-javascript

Kalkman: Zumba_addict: If you want c to inherit properties from a, then Object.setPrototypeOfc, a

Kalkman: And now c.foo will search c for foo, and if it doesn’t find it, will search a for foo

Arata: Similar from your example right?

Putalavage: I’ll try to rewrite it using setProtoTypeOf and if I fail, I’ll ask help here :

Liggins: Zumba_addict: well also i’d suggest reading object thinking

Drexler: Thanks EdwardIII, I’ll google it

Kotzen: How do i add a listener for a html SELECT ? i’ve tried 3 things and failed :

Geroge: I hope it’s geared towards JS because we know about JS’s weirdness 😀

Kacvinsky: Ok, it isn’t, not at all

Kalehuawehe: But it’s about the principles by OO in an effort to create a language-agnostic way of really understanding what it’s good for