Bloschichak: ok, and I.

Feavel: Anyone use closure compiler?

Gerberich: I don’t know, I think PHP’s datetime object isn’t that bad.

Lovett: Timezones and dst are really dumb

Yuro: Well, timezones are important.

Lovett: Huh? What for? We could all use UTC

Bedar: But that’s not the reason dates ****. Timezones are simple

Feavel: Lovett, you fail to understand realitivity.

Lovett: Dodier: what’s the point of timezones? “Hey the sun is *more or less* at it’s peak in the sky at 12:00 here!’

Feavel: Anyone an ES6 expert? what does ={. mean?

Fetrow: Anyone have any experience with SlickGrid? do you know how to fetch the formatter for a column?

December: Lovett: the Earth isn’t flat.

Edleston: Zap0: its an arrow function

Chittenden: Lovett: so light isn’t the same everywhere.

Derastel: Lovett: you could just use UTC for everything. that’s what it’s there for

Guiliano: Granted in some places timezones don’t fix it indeed

Cline: At 1 pm there should be light anywhere you are in the world, otherwise 1pm and afternoon would be meaningless autrilla

Lovett: Bloschichak: users don’t speak UTC

Feavel: Dunk, closure compiler is spitting it out as valid ES6 in strict mode, but then browser is choking on it

Mccosh: Lovett: users for what?

Lovett: Bloschichak: for webapps. They only know their timezone

Paulic: Lovett: people in a country don’t care about what hour it is in a country on the other side of the world, their lives aren’t regulated by UTC

Schepper: Zap0: does the browser you’re on support arrow functions?

Spice: Lovett: ah, I see. use a datetime lib and never do math on datetimes.

Guereca: Lovett: So you can’t expect one-time-to-fit-them-all

Karle: Lovett: might be a little learning curve, but you’ll thank yourself for it

Feavel: Dunk, apparently not. hence i’m asking about it’s meaning, such that i can re-write it to code it can comprehend

Hutti: Dodier: that’s what UTC is. it’s already around and used. people don’t communicate in UTC, though

Lovett: Dodier: sure they don’t. Time is also meaningless, in the sense that 08:00 doesn’t have to mean there’s sunlight.

Dibiase: Zap0: so arrow functions are *almost* the same as unnamed functions

Pushaw: Lovett: here’s a reason why and yes, this is a trick question: how many hours are between 12 AM and 2 AM?

Lovett: That’s totally arbitrary. Having everyone use UTC is a better kind of arbitration

Lovett: Bloschichak: I don’t know what 12 AM is, I always use the 24h format

Durazo: UTC everywhere is bad UX

Youst: Dunk: don’t be profane

Lovett: Bloschichak: I’m going to go with it depends

Lovett: Is DST going to kick in?

Szczepanek: Lovett: time is meaningless, indeed, but is what people are used to, and it was there before computers. Just like English was there before computers. We could also change English to another language that can be easily understood by computers, but that isn’t practical

Feavel: Dunk, ok. re-write it to just = function {. and it’s working. thanks

Bloodsaw: Dunk: Another satisfied customer! NEXT!

Flatley: Humans should use number of milliseconds since January 1 1970

Ley: Lovett: and DST, depending on where you are, could be an hour, could be something-45 minutes, there could be a leap second, there could be a leap day and the date won’t even be right, etc

Lovett: Kamuela_iOS: yes, please :d

Feavel: Kamuela_iOS, Lovett, but where on the planet?

Fewell: Is there a way to destructure in es6 and also refer to the object as a whole?

Lovett: Bloschichak: ok, and I think we can all agree, from a logic standpoint, that makes 0 sense