Bloody hell copy pasting is.

Kalkman: Other windows/tabs/whatever

Vafiadis: They’re basically open in-memory files

Lango: Buffers are like windows

Zollicoffer: Most of those aren’t vim

Bolognese: I have only 2 vim panes

Sandlan: 1 empty console, one for grunt, one for the application log

Vafiadis: They’re almost like tabs though, in that a lot of people use tabs for things for which they should use buffers

Grapes: Install ctrl-p vim plugin

Vafiadis: Ctrl-p AND buffergator

Greenhoward: The reason I have 2 vim panes is because that’s code I want to compare and look at at once

Lango: Oh buffers are like a stack

Vetere: Otherwise I would’ve just opened a new tab

Marcos: Http://

Frump: What’s up with deviantart

Vasilauskas: Their CSS isn’t loading fo me

Remund: Its faster and easier and less cluttered than splits

Vafiadis: Buffergator gives you a bunch of extra buffer-switching powers, including using a key combo to break out a list of buffers to switch between

Danoski: Hasn’t for the past week

Vafiadis: I use a combo of that and ctrl-p for great justice

Thorndike: Havn’t tried buffergator

Phifer: But that thing I linked is pretty great

Schwabauer: Torkable: I’m not following

Kirovac: I personally can’t compare code comfortably having to switch my views over

Torstrick: Side by side all the way

Kohm: Ctrl-p makes it super easy to open files in new buffers

Kalkman: That’s because Torkable is suggesting a solution to a problem Gillice doesn’t have 😛

Vafiadis: Yeah but vim lets you put buffers into panes as well

Arsenault: The link goes in your vimrc and makes it super easy to switch between buffers

Vafiadis: And then yo ucan switch them, or get multiple vim tabs going with different split pane setups

Mcmina: What do buffers offer over tabs?

Vafiadis: I try to keep my tmux panes to “areas I am currently working on”

Kalkman: Tab is a UI concept for wrangling buffers ThePendulum

Pasquarella: How do you switch tabs

Kalkman: Or arrows if you want

Kalkman: Or you can switch by name

Kalkman: There’s a thousand ways

Partmann: 5gt takes me to the 5th tab

Vafiadis: Or click on them if you’re using gvim

Lango: Gt is “go tab” though

Lango: I havent touched my mouse in 3 hours

Altic: And I can instantly switch to any buffer

Vafiadis: I find gvim breaks rendering a lot anyway

Kalkman: Yeah, that’s *also* an option

Cava: Using number or fuzzy name match

Kalkman: Yep, already possible with tabs

Seacrest: You can click on them in terminal vim too, if you have mouse support turned on

Kalkman: Nothing incompatible between that and tabs

Lango: Gvim is like tofu bacon. Why even

Roznowski: And drag splits around, and select text

Keithan: Lango: same reasons I guess

Vafiadis: Well I was initially interested because I was almost able to get it into a very sublimetext-like state, but with the benefits of full vim

Kalkman: Gvim is nice for clipboard integration

Trautmann: Lango: claiming to be the elite without the responsibilities

Vafiadis: But it started to ***** up rendering so I gave it up

Kalkman: Kind of ****s getting clipboard to work through all the layers

Patt: Bloody hell copy pasting is a pita though