Because you haven’t stated.

Sartori: Dekok: in any case I’m not interested in a religious debate

Jeffress: Profsimm: i don’t believe you

Streib: Https:// -A good summary of this Apple event

Orland: Profsimm: file systems are not immutable, therefore Haskell’s claim of being a pure functional langauge are clearly *WRONG*, amirite?

Degan: Dekok: I know how the IO monad works. Once again, not interested.

Brixner: In fact, Haskell can’t be pure when running on a Von Newmann machine at all, because mutability is everywhere there

Jeffress: State isn’t a localisable phenomenon

Daniello: Profsimm: the point here is that React’s *definition* of the GUI is a declaration. Declarations don’t need mutation. And declarations are more interesting because it’s easier to reason about them, test them, etc them

Chareunsri: Dekok, unfortunatelly try to say this on some Haskell community, and they will attack you

Isabelle: How things work is irrelevant

Klock: Dekok: I’m not creating an API for GUI declaration.

Hardrict: Hannibal_Smith: ahaha

Wikert: Profsimm: well, you should :

Trucchi: Dekok: where in the world have you worked with von neumann machines?

Traver: Dekok: yes, I should, because you have one answer to everything, and by God everyone should better bend their questions to fit that answer.

Jeffress: Trucchi: probably not at harvard

Schriber: Trucchi: architecture

Meler: Really, we just need to get rid of read/write memory cells

Jeffress: J201: write-only memory is more energy efficient anyway

Parbol: Profsimm: of course they should.

Peng: Hannibal_Smith: wut, the haskell community is like the nicest most patient communtiy evar

Prause: So anyway, folks. anyone who actually used get/set properties in here?

Maignan: Higuchi, very closed community to critics

Ihm: That has certainly not been my experience.

Dewick: Well you two have more xp there than I

Sink: Dekok: BTW ideally the DOM itself should be immutable too right

Eggers: But I have always met friendly patient people

Butzer: Have you been in Kimpel?

Melching: Higuchi, sums up some problems of the Haskell community

Mcclenic: There’s a lot of over-hyping the benefits of fp around. i dont know if this is the haskell community, but it’s definitely somewhere

Enote: Profsimm: get/set is supported. It interacts poorly with JS’s semantics, and as such should be avoided, if you expect your code to interact with any thirdy-party code. For example, getter/setters break horribly with common idioms such as extenddefaults, foo.

Trucchi: IO by definition really can’t be immutable

Grotzinger: Profsimm: methods don’t have that problem.

Lantieri: Design wise, I still hold that mutable things are a bad idea 9/10 of the cases.

Gelbowitz: Https://

Stakelin: Dekok: mine’s the 1/10 case

Peacher: Iceland jack pwning a troll lol

Blomker: Profsimm: people always say that

Longnecker: Trucchi: a program that handles I/O doesn’t have to deal with mutable data, though

Keaveney: Dekok: and you always claim otherwise, so we’re more alike than not huh

Stopyra: Profsimm: I haven’t claimed anything. I don’t know what your use case is.

Cuadras: We’re not so different, you and I

Trucchi: J201: true, I’m just saying there’s still a mutation going on somewhere, even if you fence it off in its own area

Trucchi: Which is basically what I try to do

Zents: Because you haven’t stated the problem, just how you want to solve it