Because it ***umes you.

Feerick: Its going to be impossible to tell anything from the logs

Lockington: Tcsc: that’s also true.

Proenza: Tcsc: but things like: console.logsnapshotsomeObject can affect performance even if you don’t log it too much

Feerick: I was about to say that

Feerick: The arguments to the log are more likely to be a proble

Gilkey: It’s one of the nice things macros solve, but then you can also do debug && console.log.. Which is uglier tho

Bucciero: Would be nice if JS supported a limited form of call-by-name/need for this

Feerick: I have a logging/***ert module that can be turned on and off but its obviously suboptimal

Feerick: I’ve considered running my js through the cpp before.

Keitsock: M2n: well if that’s all you want to do, just use css. it makes no sense to use JS to apply visual changes for things that CSS can do which are most things

Keitsock: M2n: CSS performs better, uses less battery on mobile/laptop, easier to reason about

Houltberg: These days I’m not sure it even makes sense to use JS at all for non-game animations.

Seher: Keitsock, Yeah I guess that will be better. it’s just sound silly to me too. thank you anyway! :

Oelze: And for game animations you’re using Canvas anyway

Voedisch: Transitions and CSS animations cover everything else

Keitsock: Sadly my devs still need to support IE8

Keitsock: So we can’t fully use transitions yet

Keitsock: For simple stuff we use modernizr, detect transitions, and fallback to the old JS animations in that case

Keitsock: But that’s hard to manage on a large scale

Carriaga: This already gets too intense for me to handle lol. I need to understand how this whole thing comes together .,output hmm this ain’t no easy :-/

Feerick: Yeah, i feel like occasionally i need js for animations but its pretty rare

Feerick: Its usually when i need to be able to pause it or something

Zielke: So I have “seemingly” two strings however the comparaison operator === return false, could it be that one of them is a string object?

Zielke: HeaderName: Name / Name

Zielke: Script.js:169 headerName: string / string

Zielke: Typeof return string for both

Sambrook: What’s a typical use case for something like react? Couldn’t I just update the dom by myself with something like querySelector”.component-name .sectionnumber”.innerHTML = “my new elements” . like when you paginate through something.

Accala: I have a very puzzling question

Keitsock: Sambrook: you could, but when you are facebook and you have a TON of architecture it’s hard to keep all that working as things change

Sambrook: Palomer: labyrinth? You want to generate a labyrinth?

Picardi: Sambrook: no, a very puzzling javascript question

Nowicki: The follow code throws an error: var x = 2; http.listenport, function { var x = x0;};

Neuhaus: The error is: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined

Keitsock: You either need to make more template-naive code, which has crappy performance, or you need to go back and check your entire codebase for every little change you make

Pae: Palomer: you redeclared var x, and then tried to read property ‘0’ out of it before defining it

Varas: Sambrook how dare you are to spell his last name wrong! :p

Waddoups: Pae: ahhhhh, so that’s the error

Keitsock: Palomer: if you want to use the existing x variable, you don’t use var

Keitsock: Var is for declaring a new variable

Sambrook: AramKaram: wong, is he chinese? Is last name is wong?

Keitsock: Palomer: so either var y = x0; or x = x0;

Supino: Keitsock: but why does javascript even let me do this?

Kurokawa: Because it ***umes you understand the language.