Baxx: you don’t want naïve.

Kment: Under the hood it’s still prototypal object stuff

Wisnewski: Kment: why? Cl***es are an awful idea

Kment: Dekok: what’s the question?

Sachse: Even Newspeak’s ones, which aren’t as limited as the other formulations of cl***es, are still pretty much awful.

Pawelk: Oh, I though you had said “it’s a shame”

Derito: Stop being negative and you won’t misread 😛

Kment: I can’t say I’m educated enough to know the difference between OOP design approaches

Kment: I just know that my first language after Perl was C++ and it drilled OOP into me, well the authors did

Kment: And then in high school I took a Java course. and that’s that

Kment: So js to me has always seemed like OOP was an afterthought

Kment: And I wouldn’t know the technical arguments one way or another to talk about “cl***es” and their relation to OOP

Leif: No, OO has always been in the core of JS. Brendan based it on Self. He just didn’t do a good job capturing Self’s concepts in the language.

Berreth: Hi guys can someone help me out with JS ? Trying to get a DDslick menu working on my wordpress site

Avansino: Manrig, try stackoverflow

Burchess: Plugin/wordpress questions tend to not get answered here

Wiscount: Can you help me here ?

Slonaker: I just need to emulate this scenario — support is here

Meester: My buttons won’t click , im not 100% of the problem

Stuchlik: If you’re doing a console.log would you use backticks? Seeing as they can also embed variables with ${x} I’m not sure why one wouldn’t use them, other than ‘ being closer to the homerow, but if it was a snippet this wouldn’t matter. I’m just curious here :

Triche: The working jsfiddle is here :

Beauvais: It was a snippet i copied from a site, ive been trying to fix this all night so far . i need help

Mohead: Baxx, keyboard layout really shouldn’t factor into yur code lol

Stuchlik: Schaetzle: I know : I was just wondering if there was any reason to use ‘ over backtick

Josephs: Schaetzle, can you tell me where I need to put the “var” string to get my drop down menu to work ? ive linked the js files correctly i think

Stuchlik: Schaetzle: cool thanks, like bash ” and ‘ will have different sort of purposes so I was a bit unsure if there was something going on here

Haferkamp: Baxx: backticks and ‘ do completely different things O.o

Morath: It doesn’t make sense to ask “why would someone use ‘ over backticks”

Dubinsky: Dekok, regular string === ‘regular string’

Holsman: You could swap out all of the ‘s for s if you wanted

Bradstreet: Schaetzle: in the very narrow case of regular string having no interpolation tokens

Stuchlik: Dekok: Oh right, well that’s my question then I guess, as from printing things out there only seemed to be an advantage to using backtick over ‘

Guethle: Schaetzle: and not being preceded by a tag

Radosevich: Baxx: no, it’s a disadvantage.

Leetch: Can you tell me why does this log i twice? var i = 1; whilei===1{ console.logi; i++; }

Fioranelli: Dekok, if by special case you mean the vast majority of strings, then yes

Stuchlik: Dekok: what is the disadvantage?

Nasalroad: Var i = 1; whilei===1{ console.logi; i++; }

Wakley: Nasalroad: number 1; Console: 1

Stuchlik: Of expanding things enclosed in ${thing} ?

Fumagalli: Var i = 1; whilei===1{ console.logi; i++; }

Wakley: Schaetzle: number 1; Console: 1

Kleban: Baxx: you don’t want naïve string interpolation when printing out debugging information. Because you don’t want foo $x to be shown as “foo object Object”