Are there any confident web.

Deflorio: Xnil, node only exits when no more code could be run

Anacker: Xnil, or when you do process.exit or there’s an uncaught exception

Roen: Biddlecome: in any normal language, it would wait on listen

Tsuruda: Http:// pardon the coffeescript.

Fortune: And it just exits with no output?

Micha: No, it says Registrant listening on

Vezza: Then does not actually wait and listen

Ryce: It just hands the command prompt back to me

Ginnings: Xnil: are you sure listen PORT is called on the result of createServer?

Ginnings: Not the callback itself?

Natali: Indeed not. that’s probably it.

Tazewell: Yeah just require’net’.createServerfunction{}.listen8080 is enough to keep the process alive forever

Lenox: Odd that that doesn’t error, though

Weinhold: Leverson: what do you mean?

Leverson: FffuuuL, this errors

Hansberry: I don’t have an error

Leverson: FffuuuL, Uncaught ReferenceError: osc is not defined

Doxbeck: Yeah but osc is not necessary

Kapichok: It is part of the tracking system

Leverson: FffuuuL, fine, but the purpose of the demo is to reproduce your issue. This just throws an error

Leverson: Reduce to the minimal set of things needed for the question

Leverson: You say the load callback does not work, but it seems like it should

Winstanley: But in my console it spams “TV-Spot” and “TV

Jauss: Like it loops between those two CB

Fantauzzo: The evt function does change the URL of the image

Stinar: So i guess that is why it keeps spinning

Leverson: FffuuuL, I’m not sure what you mean, that’s a problem, try removing everything that’s not needed, reproduce the problem in an isolated environment. The fiddle does not work.

Mitzel: Yeah i will come back if i know more

Wylam: I think i know what is happening

Leverson: FffuuuL, more often than not going through the process or reproducing the issue leads to a solution

Craveiro: Leverson: one question

Wingo: Can i have multiple eventListeners for one event on a single element

Redway: Or does one remove the other

Purdue: Ginnings: i’m sitting in a matlab cl*** and my brain is rotting away

Kreitlow: I’ve been doing software engineering for 10 years and i’m just now doing my freshman year of college so i have to learn a few brain cells first :

Choun: 13:20 Games P3nnyw1se:

Trio: Your answer is a year old stack overflow answer. and comments say that this was fixed in a newer IOS release

Netz: 8.1.1 fixed it. but I’m on 8.4.2

Heverley: Hi guys when using browserify to require node_modeles, do i need to specify the path to the file or can i just include the path to the folder?

Goethals: What’s the mimetype of a json file?

Dielman: My javascript logic doesn’t detect application/json apparently

Buzzi: Nirakara: it’s smart enough to walk the tree for you, if you have a node_modules somewhere in the tree, you can just say require’name-of-module’

Creed: Jeffreylevesque: application/json, usually

Jarosz: And, i tested on It says application/octet-stream

Buzzi: Nirakara: however if you need to require files not in node_modules eg. your own source files, then you need to specify the path properly

Liptrap: Floating point comparisons are OK for what range of values?

Aschbacher: Are there any confident web sc****rs who could help me debug this POST request? I’ve ****yzed the request side by side with the one my browser makes in Chrome using Wireshark but I can’t figure out the disparity