And the occasional kid.

Secore: What’s your opinion, use file extension, or to not have a UX for file uploads?

Preas: Dekok: are the best p****rs on python?

Beckey: Django_: “best p****rs”?

Bergesen: What would be a “best p****r” for HTML, given that different browsers handle it very differently?

Petosa: And IIRC the specification doesn’t define how you’re supposed to recover from failures

Wakley: Sturino: let – JavaScript MDN

Kelsay: Is there any guide for ES6 like the MDN beginner’s JS guide

Elsken: Anyone know of a JS library for creating a loading bar?

Percey: Rurik: I’m gonna forward your question to #mdn on

Palacious: Jsx There were a series of blog posts going through the new features of ES6 on MozHacks. Not sure about guide on MDN.

Bhat: Sphinx Havvy: I’d say Jason’s series would be good for that better read the MDN Guide before if the reader is a total beginner

Schoene: Javascriptorgasm: can you change your name to something less sexual?

Sowders: Is there some trick to getting event.preventDefault to work on Chrome ?

Wakley: Benwas: WindowTimers.setTimeout – Web API Interfaces MDN

Tramp: Jason’s series:

Heitman: Havvy, ah, I was reading it, which is what inspired my question

Fido: Havvy, is transition to ES6in browsers going to be gradual or like they will just all switch one day

Sturino: Guys, using “let” would increase the performance, once im not alocating too many memory?

Fitterer: I’m attempting to learn javascript by doing hard algrithmic problems in it. Can any kind soul tell me why this works and this doesnt

Wakley: Havvy: The latest version of JavaScript, published in June 2015. For ES6 features see To experiment with ES6 now see For availability in browsers see

Swett: Both are in the same gist

Paco: Sturino: There is zero memory difference between using let and var.

Sturino: I should I update my code replacing var to let on internal blocks?

Sturino: Why just dont leave “var” ?

Horse: Havvy, when will the transition be complete?

Bartman: Rurik: In like 10 years or something.

Kreuter: Javascriptorgasm: Change your nickname first.

Szablewski: Good then, we won’t be seeing much ES6 code in the wild

Opie: Sturino: Because let has better static guarantees via the temporal dead zone.

Badena: Is it.against the rules?

Mullick: Rurik: Well, Babel exists.

Jeffress: Temporal Dead Zone would be a good name for an Alpers band

Sowders: Is there some trick to getting event.preventDefault to work on Chrome ?

Arambuia: Rurik: I don’t know of any good teaching materials for absolute beginners for ES6 stuff. Even teaching them “Where examples use var, you can use let.” would confuse them.

Simoneaux: Javascriptorgasm: It offends the sensibilities of the people who would otherwise help you. I’m not sure if it’s against the rules in here. It’s definitely against the rules in ##js

Grollman: Really? orgasm? didnt know js people were so pious. okay i’l change it I guess

Oberly: Orgsams are fine, but javascript? Offensive

Nimmer: Javascriptorgasm, it is not that, just that is not appropriate in here

Nasalroad: Zap0, are you using the good event object ?

Harwin: We would rather keep this channel as a place appropriate for work.

Mavity: And the occasional kid.