And see if it fits ur.

Ortmann: Ankr yes i managed to disable default click event, but how do i enable it again?

Steff: Lintguy you stop calling e.preventDefault ?

Kalkman: Don’t e.preventDefault when you want it to go through

Kalkman: Do when you don’t want it to go through

Kalkman: The handler fires once per click, so you put the logic to decide if it’s “enabled” or not in an if check inside the handler

Gleaves: I am using jspdf, anyone know how to get the URL to be something sane when you click ‘DSHB data sheet’ right now its a huge 64 bit string i think.

Trax: Hey all, could anyone help me with this? — for some reason, it works as far as checking for a valid email, but as soon as the alert box “OK” is clicked, it submits the form anyhow, even with an invalid email.

Macconaghy: Not sure why it’s submitting rather than requiring the user to enter a correct, valid email and press submit again

Laverriere: Returning false in the void doesn’t do anything to form submit

Sanschagrin: Ok, I know nothing about javascript, how would I fix it so that the form doesn’t submit? If you don’t mind :

Engblom: Well it depends how you attach the event handler

Monford: It’s an onclick event

Dunnam: Language=”javascript” is from Netscape 3 area.

Schmeichel: Ahh, that I copy/pasted lol, I can use just script

Osbeck: Jax2, did you use return in the inline attribute ?

Kayastha: Script or script type=”text/javascript”

Babena: Erm. Did I mention I know nothing about JS? :

Mcquage: It doesn’t change what you have to do, or what you copy/pasted in your code

Surina: Jax2: you shouldnt work with alerts too =/

Turrubiates: Input type=”submit” onclick=”return checkEmail” /

Schindele: Input type=”submit” onclick=”return checkEmail;” /

Treible: With the , like in the email.focus;

Launiere: Form onsubmit=”return checkEmail;”

Lillich: All I had was input type=”submit” value=”Sign Up” onclick=”Javascript:checkEmail;”/

Venghaus: But that’s the very old way to do it

Galbreath: Maybe check out .addeventlistener

Schommer: If u got the time for that

Trautwein: Javascript still is a remains of the 90′ era

Tofanelli: I do, I need to learn JS for sure anyhow

Glodich: Jax2: check out .addEventListener then

Fiorino: Attach your function to the submit event of the form using that function

Smedes: Ok, will do. Thanks for the tip

Biafore: And use e.preventDefault;

Garske: Jax2, if you see language=”javascript” or javascript: on a website or a book, don’t go back on that site or burn the book

Ducklow: And try to not use alert

Lathrop: It provides a horrible user experience 😛

Congress: I guess the next chapter will talk about blink and how to create your Applet.

Matalavage: I have a better one for p***word and username with css styled containers, just don’t have one for email

Pali: Anyway, now you just need input type=”email” required in HTML5

Fernanders: Not supported in all browsers yet

Lindbeck: Yeah, but you have to validate on the server-side anyway

Hospelhorn: And of course, even if you provide a JS validation, ALWAYS validate serverside again

Maglione: I am using required, yes

Steffani: Jax2: its about the type=”email”

Cattladge: It validates automatically inline

Procter: Ok, worked fine with the return emailValidate;

Yerkes: Oh? html5 has email validation? I wasn’t aware of that!

Favre: And see if it fits ur needs