And it’ll switch.

Wetherill: I wonder why no one ever pointed that out to me

Kalkman: It gets even worse when it’s jQueryselector

Kalkman: Because then it has to re-crawl the whole DOM each time

Vafiadis: I wonder if the jquery method is any more efficient than using array methods

Sakic: Depends on the selector; some can delegate to querySelectorAll, for instance

Kalkman: Yeah but even then it’s relatively a slow operation, even when it’s a native selector

Fusha: You still have the overhead of parsing the selector and attaching the methods, of course

Sheltrown: But the convenience can outweigh that

Shellenbarger: I don’t know why I never figured this myself

Kalkman: You should take a look through some of the jquery source code sometime, it’s on github

Kalkman: Most of the methods you use on it have relatively simple bodies

Kalkman: You learn a lot about it

Chestand: I used jQuery before I picked up Node and I kept keeping jQuery for granted without really being aware the stuff in Node applies to the front-end just as well

Kalkman: Here’s the source code for the :hidden and :visible selectors:

Lango: I used to use it a lot but not so much after I decided to stop being super fancy with everything in the dom or just outsourced to a plugin

Kalkman: You can see how it maps to native DOM code

Mate: Gillice: boolean true

Mate: Literphor: SyntaxError: invalid increment operand

Mate: Gillice: boolean false

Kalkman: Argh you get what I mean ha

Shawnee: Kalkman: that’s actually very useful

Lango: Awww yes. lets go to the movies

Tebar: I have no idea why I didn’t know about that

Kitagawa: Could’ve used it a million times, lol

Mumper: I’ve been using someVariable ? true : false pondering there must be a better way

Konetchy: Now I’m excited to pick up some of today’s slack

Hess: If the expression is inside a conditional, you can omit the double bang as well

Filipponi: BeanHolez: yeah, I thankfully knew that

Vafiadis: Kalkman: function findAllnodeList, selector { return Array.prototype.filter.calln.childNodes, functionn {.}; }

Lango: It’s pm, and I’ve got a MILE of POUNDS to FARENHEIT

Werkheiser: Damn this was a really **** day

Kinnear: Hopefully that brings some motivation for tomorrow

Vafiadis: I imagine there are lots of different polyfills and comparisons out there

Vafiadis: I’m mildly curious, but not curious enough to look for them or try and reinvent the wheel, heh

Nickl: Dammit that half a second wait for further instructions in tmux

Vafiadis: I never even notice that as an issue in tmux

Vafiadis: Are you sure it isn’t tunable?

Krommes: It’s not much of an issue

Kalkman: Also very nice on crappy connections

Klosterman: Gillice: when does it wait?

Kalkman: It will keepalive connection even through sleeps

Lacasse: Deltab: in this case, after switching panes with ctrl + b + arrow

Griebel: Kalkman: not sure what mosh can do for me

Newness: Oh it actually replaces ssh?

Vafiadis: Works instantly for me

Vitera: Oh, I’ve only used the function keys so far

Nafziger: That sounds. idk, isn’t ssh fairly established?

Ontko: F3/F4 to switch left/right

Wydra: Vafiadis: yeah, but you can do ctrl + b plus arrow, then without ctrl + b you can hit arrow again

Siffert: And it’ll switch again