And also to not shuffle the.

Elvis: Not that you couldn’t do it in code

Mostad: 23yrs later i don’t remember that much

Moehlman: How can I do something like a fork/join using Q promise? I mean: A – BC – D, where B and C need the result from A as input. I tried using Q.All, but I think I’m doing something wrong here. ps: All functions return promises

Elvis: I remember when i was in college, i took a computer graphics course and the professor asked me what the equation for a circle is in front of the cl***

Harby: Baxx that one is for ana tudor :p

Elvis: And that was after i had taken nearly enough math to have a math minor. i think i was just one course short.

Elvis: Math is one of those things you forget if you dont use it

Offen: I still use a calculator for simple addition, like 10+5

Adside: Https://

Elvis: I feel like doing those things in pure html/svg and css is practically masochism

Defusco: Tcsc: emacs just shat itself over that gif – not sure if you posted before this message – what do you mean?

Offen: All of my projects are usually done without any addons or libraries

Defusco: Ah ****, you’re not talking about that gif ha ha, nw

Offen: Except for stuff I cant do myself, like sha encryption in c

Elvis: I don’t use many libraries when i can avoid it.

Offen: I’ve never used jquery

Offen: So whenever I have javascript questions I have to spend extra time finding a solution that doesnt use jquery

Elvis: I use much more for work, but our deadlines are such that its very hard to avoid.

Elvis: But quality suffers, both because i’ll use a library even if it only does sort of what i need, and because we have like 2 week deadlines.

Rusell: Nothing wrong with jQuery that anyone has validly argued

Nell: I know that’s a pretty bold statement m

Reineck: Horita: it’s a valid argument 😛

Cleckley: Why won’t ghost just finish its damned external API

Jerkin: It’s making me login to view posts. Humbug

Elvis: Jquery’s performance is probably the biggest thing wrong with it

Elvis: It’s also kind of bloated imo

Elvis: But the performance isn’t debatable. on mobile it’s really bad.

Elvis: Or at least was like 8 months ago.

Mestrovich: Afternoon everyone, is there anything Special I have to do to get npm modules working with Requirejs?

Vache: That stinks. I could use an extra pair of eyes to help me sort out a wee bit of jquery.

Dunnegan: I have a little question about mutations : If div id=”no1″div id=”no2″/div/div is added to my page : will my MutationObserver get a mutation for each div one for #no1, one for #no2, or only a mutation for #no1?

Davison: How do I reference this element inside its options?

Keiser: I want the source to be dynamic, which is taken from an array, keyed by the element’s name

Safe: Can anyone ***ist me in my javascript project?

Grabski: Nodist: great! one sec!

Pavlo: Nodist: I’m trying to build this

Little: Nodist: Basically I have one last feature I want to implement which is to show a preview of the tiles for 10 seconds before the game starts.

Pedralba: Https://

Marquette: The codes are in there, to be more specific

Somero: I’m not very good at prototype, how do I use the javascript file to create a button, and to show the preview for 10 second and then lead to the game?

Nici: I’ve toyed around for quite abit, and realise once I add the cl*** “flipped” the tiles will be turned over. So how can I m*** “flipped” the tiles for 10 second before removing the cl***

Pappas: And also to not shuffle the preview tiles until the game is over.