Alyri: !eloquent.

Doehring: Go read “Godel Escher Bach, an Eternal Golden Braid”. ;

Fabro: Oh god more book recommendations

Kerska: We can’t execute designs.

Caliendo: UML still needs that human intermediary

Vernazza: You could auto-generate some scaffolding from a design, but that’s all. Without the actual details of what’s going on, you get nowhere fast.

Heick: Well, a design that has the details

Schmuck: That would be a program, not a design.

Luster: Well you could have an english writeup of how the program should function, branches, steps, etc.

Kimberley: Unless you consider “C” a design for ***embly and ***embly a design for machine code.

Rapley: So its about abstraction

Mansell: In that case, you’re looking for declarative languages.

Eisley: Anyways, I’m going to bed.

Toupin: Thanks for talking :3

Bhaskar: Or rather, humoring me

Imboden: Being able to read source code

Kuczkowski: Or a state graph i guess

Whitby: I’m placing text on a canvas with RaphaelJS, however, the text seems to have it’s “alignment” at the center, so basically the y coordinate is pointing at the middle of the text and not the top as I desire. I’ve tried several things without succeeding:

Munselle: What is the best approach to run a web worker every X seconds? Use setInterval into it?

Voita: Bastian_b: An async loop

Knoch: Rcyr, thanks, do you maybe have some good lecture/pattern about async loop?

Michelman: The base pattern is: function loop { doSomethingAsyncfunctionresult { setTimeoutloop, 1000; } };

Hagmann: Rcyr: thank you very much

Stancato: What is the best downloadable/offline do***entation for js?

Nost: Rcyr: mhm one more question, should the code to be executed be placed in doSomethingAsync or inside the callbacl/function p***ed as its parameter?

Maricich: Bastian_b: In your case, you’d probably have the setTimeout in a myWorker.addEventListener’message’, functionevent { }; callback

Ostrom: Did anyone try raphael Paper.text ?

Homrighaus: Hi guys, I would really require some ***istance

Eguia: Hi guys, I would really require some ***istance

Peschel: Is it possible to get from the client their date time zone – like Australia/Sydney

Cordel: Hey guys, are there any chrome plugin devs around? hey guys, i have a question. i just followed this toturial but i wonder how to get a searchbar into that window. I can make one in JS but how do I enable it inside a plugin js

Garroutte: Anyone knows if there is some js/jquery function that stops the whole script from running for a given amount of seconds? like sleep time_in_seconds in bash

Turberville: Garroutte: there isnt i think, use settimeout

Woldt: And refactor ur code that way

Knieper: Jquery has .delay too which does the same as setTimeout i think

Malensek: Just put all your code which you want to sleep 5 seconds into setTimeoutfunction { }, 5000;

Falkenberg: Is JSON.functions are standard in javascript now?

Eisenstadt: Or they come by some external javascript library which I dont know?

Sundberg: And widely supported

Gambel: What’s a recommended book to learn js?

Mate: Alyri: !eloquent, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan, High Performance JavaScript by Nicholas C. Zakas, Effective JavaScript by David Herman, Functional JavaScript by Michael Fogus, Programming JavaScript Applications